Public speaks on water issue, despite Gibson’s objection

July 31, 2015
Supervisor Bruce Gibson Photo by Daniel Blackburn

Supervisor Bruce Gibson
Photo by Daniel Blackburn

A week after County Supervisor Bruce Gibson said the public had already spoken on the issue of Paso Robles groundwater basin restrictions, the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission held a seven-hour meeting, largely dealing with that controversy.

Gibson is currently seeking an extension of an ordinance that prohibits residential or agricultural development in the Paso Robles basin unless developers or ranchers create conservation projects elsewhere in the area that preserve an equal amount of water. The ordinance is set to expire on Aug 27.

Last week, the issue appeared on the board of supervisors agenda, even though it had yet to be heard by the county planning commission, as required. Supervisor Lynn Compton said at the meeting that the board should not vote on an extension of the ordinance because the public was not given its say on the issue, and the item was improperly agendized.

Gibson said members of the public had already had a chance to talk about the issue, and the board needed to go ahead and pass an extension of the ordinance. Gibson argued that developers and growers could take advantage of the period after which the ordinance expires and before it is extended.

On Thursday, the planning commission held a meeting on countywide plans to reduce groundwater use. An extension of the Paso Robles basin ordinance is part of the overall plan.

Over the course of the seven-hour meeting, about 20 public speakers voiced concerns about groundwater regulations. Ultimately, the commission had to continue the discussion and postpone its vote on the issue. [Tribune]

The groundwater regulatory proposals will then go to the board of supervisors for final approval.

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Progressives think they are the enlightened few and should be able to direct society against it’s will for it’s own good at the point of a gun. The coercive power of government.

Does it surprise anyone with Gibson’s behavior. He has become irrelevant, just like Shirley Bianchi. The boat has sailed Bruce. get over it. I understand that elections have consequences, your sir are are like a bad penny…

The Planning Commission is doing a good job of vetting the proposed ordinance. The elephant in the room is whether the alleged overdraft of the PRGB is real. If it was predicated on a water duty factor of 1.7 AFY vs. the current 1.25 AFY there could be a serious problem.

The truth is Gibson doesn’t see or feel the need for public comment as his mind is already made up.

Listening to a pesky bunch of citizens is nothing more than a giant waste of his time it appears.

No doubt he wishes he could have put those hours to much better use back at the office with staff.

Okay. This I am saying with rancor and malice, because you know better:

You were not elected because we think you know better than everybody else or have all the answers.

You were elected to represent the voters and you can’t know how to do that without listening to them. That’s why Public Comment exists!

I say this without rancor or malice:

Bruce Gibson is an idiot, for thinking that the landscape of life, and the impact of policies whether short-term or long-term, is not always shifting,

and for not understanding therefore, that public comment before passing an extension is in order.

Lilliputian did not get his way? Shame.

What is it that makes leftists like Gibson so damn afraid of public comment and the light of day? The next thing you know he will tell us that we just need to pass it to find out what’s in it! A classic tyrant trick.

Bruce…it appears that you well has run dry.