Ross Moriarty is not guilty

July 31, 2015


Ross Moriarty vehemently asserts that he is guilty of no crime. The fact that, following many months of inquiry, Farmer’s Insurance closed their investigation and still has an agency contract in place with Mr. Moriarty supports his assertion that he committed no crime.

The incident is alleged to have occurred over one year ago and, after many months of cooperation with authorities, it was extremely disappointing that law enforcement saw fit to humiliate Mr. Moriarty by arresting him at his home, parading him through his neighborhood before taking him to jail. In situations like this, where the individual subject to criminal allegations has cooperated with law enforcement over several months, poses no risk to public safety and is not a risk to flee (Mr. Moriarty has four children, a home, and many family members locally) such individuals will usually receive a letter advising them that criminal charges have been filed against them and informing them that they must appear in court.

However, after having been invited to his home, law enforcement saw fit to arrest Mr. Moriarty in front of his children, paraded him down the street of his neighborhood and kept him out of the patrol car in plain view of his neighbors for an extended period of time and, then, over zealously booked on four felonies.

Obviously, our San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office found the felony charges to be unsupported as they have only filed two misdemeanors. After having initially been given bail of $120,000 and having spent two nights in jail, the court, without objection from our District Attorney’s Office, kindly released Mr. Moriarty on a promise to appear in court on future dates.

Ross Moriarty maintains that he is guilty of no crime and looks forward to moving past this unfortunate string of events.

Patrick Fisher is an attorney with Fisher & Fisher in San Luis Obispo.

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The District Attorney’s in this county are jokesters, we had several Cal Poly football players commit felony home invasions and hold individuals against there will and they walked with a little probation and community service,

but the gentleman that was living there and got robbed got 60 days in jail and 3 years probation for having a little weed in his home….

this county operates very in-consistent.


You would think that a high-priced attorney could find a more flattering photo of Moriarty to use for this PR piece.

Guilty until proven innocent. Great opportunity for the authorities to do their dog and pony show. Total waste of taxpayer money. Fisher is absolutely right a letter, would have been adequate and maybe the D.A. would have gotten the charges right in the first place.