Robbers stab Grover Beach clerk

July 5, 2015

knifePolice are on the look out for two men who robbed and stabbed a clerk at the 7-Eleven in Grover Beach early Saturday morning.

Shortly before 3 a.m., the clerk was disposing trash in a bin behind the store. Two men then attacked the clerk and robbed him of a necklace and his wallet.

During the robbery, one of the suspects stabbed the clerk in his left leg. Emergency personnel transported the clerk to the hospital where he was treated for a non-life threatening injury

Grover Beach police are searching for the two suspects, who remain at large. Police described both suspects as Hispanic males. One is 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall, with short black hair and wearing a dark blue shirt and jeans. The other suspect is 5 feet 10 inches tall, with short black hair and wearing a white shirt and jeans.

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A good, hardworking guy gets robbed and mugged and stabbed. Awful

It makes me sad that this sort of thing is happening more and more. I am glad the employee was not seriously hurt.

I was there at the laundry mat next door to 7-11 to wash a huge rug in their huge capacity machine on June 28. I was carrying the rug, trying to see over it and had a $10 bill in my left hand….but not for long. Some guy snatched that thing out of my hand so fast-I nearly lost my balance and dropped the rug. He was gone so fast! I had gone to see a friend who lives in Grover and figured it might be less expensive there rather than coming back home to SLO. Turns out… wasn’t.

Nah, just means we need create and then shut the borders to the scumbags from the valley.

Which 7-Eleven? There are two – one on Oak Park and Grand and the other on 4th and Grand.

Which one has tweekers and hookers outside at all hours?

The Oak Park & Grand would be Arroyo Grande. The 4th & Grand does have a laundromat next door.

The Oak Park and Grand 7-Eleven is in Grover Beach. Rite Aid on the other corner is in Arroyo Grande. Google the zip codes or check a map to confirm.

I believe the 7/11 on Grande Ave and Oak Park is considered in Arroyo Grande, as the Rite Aid across the street is AG. AGPD would respond there right?

Is this another reason to believe that Donald Trump’s belief that our boarder needs to be secure is a correct assessment?

You do realize that there are probably more “hispanic” males that are natural born citizens than illegal aliens don’t you. Or is that just your opinion of every brown skinned male?