Ross Moriarty is not guilty

July 31, 2015


Ross Moriarty vehemently asserts that he is guilty of no crime. The fact that, following many months of inquiry, Farmer’s Insurance closed their investigation and still has an agency contract in place with Mr. Moriarty supports his assertion that he committed no crime.

The incident is alleged to have occurred over one year ago and, after many months of cooperation with authorities, it was extremely disappointing that law enforcement saw fit to humiliate Mr. Moriarty by arresting him at his home, parading him through his neighborhood before taking him to jail. In situations like this, where the individual subject to criminal allegations has cooperated with law enforcement over several months, poses no risk to public safety and is not a risk to flee (Mr. Moriarty has four children, a home, and many family members locally) such individuals will usually receive a letter advising them that criminal charges have been filed against them and informing them that they must appear in court.

However, after having been invited to his home, law enforcement saw fit to arrest Mr. Moriarty in front of his children, paraded him down the street of his neighborhood and kept him out of the patrol car in plain view of his neighbors for an extended period of time and, then, over zealously booked on four felonies.

Obviously, our San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office found the felony charges to be unsupported as they have only filed two misdemeanors. After having initially been given bail of $120,000 and having spent two nights in jail, the court, without objection from our District Attorney’s Office, kindly released Mr. Moriarty on a promise to appear in court on future dates.

Ross Moriarty maintains that he is guilty of no crime and looks forward to moving past this unfortunate string of events.

Patrick Fisher is an attorney with Fisher & Fisher in San Luis Obispo.


“after having been invited to his home, law enforcement saw fit to arrest Mr. Moriarty in front of his children, paraded him down the street of his neighborhood and kept him out of the patrol car in plain view of his neighbors for an extended period of time”

Which agency are these low class cops from?


So they tried to screw the insurance company,allegedly. Not the worst crime in my book. Every time I have ever dealt with an insurance company I came away feeling screwed.


After having read this a second time, what is missing is, the discussion of his brothers arrest. Both Moriarty’s were involved, the fire captain needed Ross to complete the fraud and conspiracy. Unless Trevor, his other brother was involved.there is much more here, Farmers didn’t like this agent committing fraud, and if Ross attempted to remedy the situation, he failed. Was Mr. Fischer involved with a settlement with Farmers, prior to the arrest? No, I believe this explanation is misleading, and so do the authorities….


I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. The charges are reduced to misdemeanors and the Moriarity was released. The original bail request was ridiculous as he is obviously not a flight risk. I suspect that they want to pressure him to cop a plea and provide testimony.


From the information given, don’t you believe the officer’s arrogance caused a lifetime of humiliation to him, his family, and neighbors (Far more harmful than a misdemeanor)?

If the information is correct then their egos and arrogance is of the lowest form in their profession.


To the LE who thumbs down me

I think that needless indignation between a father and their children ruins their entire future relations or when all the facts are out they may turn against the establishment LE.

I urge all citizens to active their car, body and cell camera on any LE action.

It may bring on Law Suits but will save on law suits later.

Now to the officers who finds that this his action gives hima rise or an errection, I believe most of you cheap trash got into LE (HS Diploma or GED) because you could not make it anywhere else and needed an in like a relative in government to reference you,

The more of this I see the less sympathy I have when a LE gets killed, you perhaps escalated it to further more revenue.



This will be an interesting story to follow CCN. It’s like jumping into a play area full of red, blue, orange, yellow, and green plastic sphere’s [balls], and being asked to find the one that dosen’t look like the others.


Mr. Fisher:

I applaud your aggressive defense of your client, but let’s not beat up the lowly police officer who went to your client’s home to arrest him.

When presented with a valid felony arrest warrant signed by a local Superior Court judge a police officer has no choice but to act upon the warrant and arrest the person named therein. If he fails to do so he may be charged with a misdemeanor offense and sentenced to six months in jail.

An investigator from the Insurance Commissioner’s Office obtained a warrant and requested the assistance of local law enforcement in serving the warrant. Local law enforcement does not have two standards of how it serves arrest warrants; one for white collar business people accused of crime and another for minority criminals who live in bad neighborhoods. Everybody gets treated the same.

Everybody gets treated the same when they get taken into custody. So quit beating the drum like your client was done some grave injustice by local law enforcement. Your beef is with the Insurance Commissioner’s office.

It is they, not local law enforcement, that chose to use a Ramey warrant to arrest your client rather than to ask the court to issue a summons.


I agree with Gordo. The real culprit is the Insurance Commisioners Office who wanted to splash this arrest in a public way to warn others. This was done to placate the insurance industry who use the Insurance Commisioner like a 10 cent hooker.

If a customer submits a beef with the Insurance Commissioner it goes into the round file but if the insurance company has a beef with the customer they show up at your door to make sure everyone gets the message …. “Your in good Hands so dont F with us.”

black sheep

how much did he pay to have this put up here is my question? business hurting that bad, I’m not shocked.


“how much did he pay” Zero

“business hurting that bad” No.

You can submit your opinion piece to one of the emails on the right sidebar, however it will require a real name not “black sheep” .

black sheep

Ah didn’t even see those there. Don’t really care/know that much about it to be honest. I’m just little curious as to why this piece is even here. He might be a great guy, legit business man, who had nothing to do with what happened. In which case I am sincerely sorry if I sound like a bit of an a**hole and have plenty of compassion/sympathy for what was done to him. On the other hand, I’m reading a news article written by a lawyer. and maybe I should take a little more into account that its on ccn…

As much as like/appreciate you guys saying what needs to be said, I find it interesting that you continue to call out people you don’t agree with on one level or another because they have a username. That’s what it is, a username. Unless your the 5% that use a first name which is just as anonymous, or the other five that do use full. and I just might email you, I ain’t got nothing to hide, I’m on your guy’s side.


I hate to judge o book by its cover but just look at that face! He looks like a thug that you would not want to meet on a dark street.


but yet you do… So he’s a big guy, he’s well groomed, no facial tattoos, or goofy meth mouth grin for the booking photo.


Mr. Fischer, I understand your paid to attempt to prove that the client isn’t guilty beyond a shadow of doubt. The judicial system will have he ultimate choice of guilt or innocence, you discussing this here is irrelevant. How I grasp this has nothing to do with the legal system. Conspiracy is still illegal, right? You don’t do your employers any good to explain this, I have had experience with Farmers ins. In the area, I’m convinced ther is ample evidence to continue the investigation. Let the truth prevail, however the outcome.

At no time have you denied the basis of this case. Only backtracking, smokescreens, pointing fingers away from your client. Let the investigation and trial go forward, if Ross and Farmers are innocent, and that is what the trail determines. So be it….


What’s that zooming over “ThomasAquinas”‘s head? The point of the statement! As in how poorly the innocent until proven guilty subject was treated by law enforcement. And it’s “you’re” not “your”.


I apologize for spell check. Didn’t realize the misuse of the word till it was sent. But really that’s all that’s wrong? I’m good with that. Thanks for the agreement!!!


I believed he is presumed innocent at this point in time. If he were not guilty why are there still charges pending?

Are you the one representing Mr. Moriarty? Ironic to see an atty go to the news papers to try his case by trying to sway public opinion.

I personally would not do business with this man, and maybe it is just because of the family tree of crime they seem to sprout from.

Leave your court case in the court room please, I don’t need to read your spin on this case.


Another anti-1st Amendment type heard from. So just don’t read it if it gets your panties in a bunch.


I would want this guy on my side if my butt was in jail. It’s a lawyer’s responsibility to defend a client from start to finish.