Man who attacked Sikh clerk in Pismo Beach convicted

July 31, 2015

CaliforniaCourtsA San Luis Obispo County jury has convicted a 24-year-old man of two crimes stemming from an incident earlier this year in which he attacked a Sikh AM/PM clerk in Pismo Beach and ripped his turban off.

On Wednesday, the jury convicted Jacob Walton of robbery and misdemeanor elder abuse. Walton attacked a 66-year-old clerk with a metal bar on Feb. 22, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.

Prior to the attack, Walton was asked to leave AM/PM market because he had no money to purchase the items he selected. After exiting the store, Walton struck the clerk with the metal bar, injuring the man.

Walton also forcefully removed the clerk’s Sikh head gear, which is known as a patka. Walton handed the patka to an accomplice, who used it to cover the rear license plate of their car before they fled the crime scene.

Judge Jacqueline Duffy is scheduled to sentence Walton on Sept. 14. Walton is currently out of jail on bail pending sentencing.

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No matter which different God people worship, even though the writings of said God’s state that you should take revenge upon the people that worship other God’s, at times our religions of choice just have to look away so as not to be arrested by following our godly words.

In this instance, if it was religious division rearing it’s ugly head because of removing this Sikh clerks turban, then this should be included in the arrest records as religious intolerance and/or persecution.

If I was in this store and saw the clerk wearing his turban, and knowing that his God of the Sikh religion is named Waheguru, of which is different from my Yahweh God of Christianity, which is different from the Muslims Allah God, et al, I would gain solace in knowing that my God Yahweh / Jesus is the correct one because He says so, praise!

“For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,” (1 Timothy 2:5)