Sex offender caught growing pot in San Miguel

July 13, 2015
Douglas King

Douglas King

Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a registered sex offender who was allegedly using stolen electricity to power a 1,500-plant marijuana growing operation in San Miguel. [KRON 4]

Douglas King, 36, had 1,502 marijuana plants, as well as 6.71 pounds of processed marijuana and butane honey oil manufacturing equipment at a property located at 76375 Hidden Creek Road, according to the Monterey sheriff’s office. The property is located along the county line, but King is described as a resident of San Miguel.

On Saturday afternoon, a California Fish and Wildlife officer was investigating an illegal trash dumping operation on Cross County Road in unincorporated Monterey County. The officer found a PG&E electricity bill, which led him to King’s home.

When the fish and wildlife officer arrived, he noticed marijuana plants growing in the backyard. King told the officer that he had about 100 marijuana plants and some processed marijuana, but that he had a medical prescription.

The officer continued to investigate and determined that King’s medical marijuana card had expired. He also discovered that King was registered as a sex offender in San Luis Obispo County.

Monterey sheriff’s deputies then obtained a warrant to search King’s home. In addition to finding the marijuana and oil manufacturing equipment, deputies discovered that King had been stealing electricity from PG&E.

King is in Monterey County Jail on charges of growing marijuana, possessing marijuana for sale, manufacturing drugs and stealing utility services, according to the jail website.

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Guess he never listened to “Alice’s Restaurant”

Man caught growing corn.

Man caught growing wheat.

Man caught growing pot—-oh the horror of it, such a despicable criminal, lock him up for a decade. Let’s drop another million prosecuting him and housing him in prison for a decade.

In other news a Cal Poly student is killed by a drunk driver in No. Cal. Yawn, just another death of a perfectly innocent, good human being with so much potential because of alcohol but it’s hardly even a story, right? We’re just used to it. And everyone living in a city or the suburbs lives within 5 minutes of a liquor store and can get high as a kite on $5 of liquor any time any day which they do because harmless pot is $260 an ounce.

Ya, makes perfect sense–to idiots.

Okay, whatever. Now tell us who the decomposing body was in Santa Maria.

Oh boy stealing from PG and E that is a serious crime, I thought it was only PG and E who liked to steal from us.

Funny. Wait until it gets out that everyone who is leasing a solar system for their roof is paying 25 cents a unit for that solar and if they make more than they use PG&E buys it from them at .03 cents a unit. Think PG&E has some pull?

So rather than put as much solar as a rooftop can fit to maximize efficiency and clean energy usage, the game is to put just enough solar on the roof to offset the second and third tier PG&E prices because PG&E doesn’t want too much competition.

If every available rooftop in CA had as much solar as it could handle, PG&E would be out of business, the nuke plants could be shut down, the grid would be decentralized and much safer and CA would be the greenest, cleanest state in the world. It’s doable and cost effective right now–but probably won’t happen for another 100 years because of the vested interests.

I am NOT saying that all people who are against the PG&E Smart Meters are stealing electricity, but Smart Meters also eliminate the ability to steal electricity – especially is remote areas.

Smart meters have no effect on the ability to steal electricity, which is accomplished by a very dangerous tap before the meter. The meter will see the usual use, in real time, not once a month, due to the smart meter. Neither meter sees the unusual use powered by the illegal tap. I do enjoy the irony of his being busted due to a PG&E bill found in an illegal trash dump, however. My sentence; pot – $100, stealing power – 1 year and restitution, illegal dumping (and also my sentence for graffiti,) – 20 years-to-life, hard labor. Smart Meters are dangerous though. Not due to nut-job unscientific conspiracies, but the fact that you can tell a lot about your household. Get a PG&E log in and take a look at your data. Think of yourself as a burglar with access to it. Easy pickens…

• Sex offender

• Hash oiler

• Pot grower

• Litterbug

Kill him or lock him up without a key. No apparent redeeming qualities.


Another model citizen pot user.

Sheriff: “Why do you have 1,500 pot plants growing in your backyard?”

King: “It’s OK, I have a medical marijuana card”.

I thought pot makes you smarter?