Another SLO finance boss departing

August 28, 2015
Wayne Padilla

Wayne Padilla

Wayne Padilla, director of finance and information technology for the city of San Luis Obispo, has resigned his post.

Padilla told CalCoastNews Friday he will be leaving Sept. 15 to take a job in Fresno in the private sector. Padilla has been commuting from Madera since he accepted the position more than two years ago.

When Padilla took over the position in Jan. 2013, he became the city’s fourth finance director in a period of less than three years.

The previous director Charles Bourbeau left after just one year, citing health problems.

Community Development Director Derek Johnson will swap roles with Assistant City Manager Michael Codron, city officials said in a press release. Johnson will also assume the role of interim director of finance and information technology.

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I bet this guy will be so much happier working in the private industry and closer to home. It sounds like maybe he was commuting back and forth to see if this area, the weather and “the happiness” were worth it. Guess not. Private industry is paying more than the Public sector for quite a few professionals right now. Not to mention that his work environment was probably quite toxic, as it is difficult to work around corruption if not corrupt yourself. We often don’t read about turnover like this, because it isn’t really newsworthy.

As a side note, to draw a pension, it was my understanding that an employee had to work for 5 years. The “fancy” employees sign individual contracts, like Lichtig, so they get golden parachutes and car allowances.

Director of finance and IT? No wonder he is leaving. He was probably pulling his hair out seeing where time and money were going……

But not necessarily at one job, it can be cumulative employment. Otherwise the shame of making the former GB Police Chief,Jim Copsey, assistant city manager for around 6 months to only pad his pension would not have worked. Another reason to get rid of the current public pension system.

padilla is probably relieved to be able to possibly work somewhere else, in a healthy organization. and no worries, I am sure there is another spouse, son, sister or other relative of a morro bay city councilperson that the licctig and monica irons duo will hire, just like how mb city councilperson christine johnsons’ husband got his job with the city of slo.

Good ridden Padilla. Can you take Johnson and Condom along with you. Hitler used to do the same.

Quick, someone check the petty cash!

Not to worry with Mr. Paddilla’s pension he will likely make even more in retirement than he did when he had to show up at the office, plus likely can collect his pension and salary at his new job at the same time, Cha-ching.

Sorry, but your theory doesn’t work. He wasn’t here long enough to earn a pension.

He doesn’t have to be in SLO for a certain amount of time to collect, it is combined time in the pension system, was he in it before coming to SLO? He still could collect. The public sector pension system is broke and all they do it but band-aids on it. Change it over to a 401k without a taxpayer safety net.

Kayaknut is probably correct. Fire Chief Callahan (who died playing baseball) was awarded a pension from SLO and had not been employed for the required 5 years. He was already collecting a $170,000 per year pension from L.A. Fire Dept. His wife also got $7,000 extra a month from work comp./disability since he had a heart attack. Highway robbery!

Didn’t they also want to claim the fire chief died while in the line of duty so more benefits could be paid to his spouse? What’s the big deal its only taxpayer’s money.

This is great. Look at all the development during the worst drought in history that’s taking place now, and then put a scum like Codron in charge and watch the already ridiculous rate of development double or triple. That’s what this change is all about. Lichtig wants more and more and more development, more handouts and goodies for and from her business buddies. She’s as corrupt at they come, intent on one thing — destroying San Luis Obispo — and Codron’s her right-hand man.

The city council should be asking why she can’t keep key staff? What, our fourth or fifth finance director during her time here? She burns people out. She’s had to replace all the department heads. What’s going on here? But, this council never asks anything intelligent. If they did, they’d have fired her long ago.

Another casualty of Ashley Madison?

“Community Development Director Derek Johnson will swap roles with Assistant City Manager Michael Codron”

Swap roles? No, Katie Lichtig just appointed a new Assistant City Manager and another new Community Development Director.

On the other hand my neighborhood has many lawns with parked cars, people living in trailers and tons of unpermitted construction, inspectors never around. So make him Assistant City Manager because Katie wants what she wants.