California marijuana users run 4.2 miles

August 17, 2015

420 GamesIn attempt to prove that marijuana users are not lazy, lethargic stoners, cannabis advocates are holding a series of athletic events in California dubbed the 420 Games. [SF Gate]

The games kicked off Saturday in San Francisco with a 4.2-mile run. Participants included students, accountants, businessmen and housewives.

All runners wore the number 420 during the race. The race and after-party were smoke-free, but the winner walked away with $500 in credits for medical marijuana.

Jim McAlpine, a snowboard company executive who founded the event last year, said he wanted to show marijuana users are motivated, athletic members of society.

“People who use marijuana have been classified as dumb, lazy, stupid people and with this race we’re showing them we’re not what they say we are,” McAlpine said.

McAlpine said he takes edible cannabis because it helps him foucus. He also skis, rides mountain bikes and does long-distance open-water swimming.

The 420 Games will continue throughout the year. Events will include a golf tournament in San Jose, bike cruiser marathon in Orange County, stand-up paddle board racing competition in Lake Tahoe.

A marijuana legalization initiative is likely to appear on the California ballot in the November 2016 election.


Marijuana users, in an attempt to show they are not lazy, “ran a 4.2 mile foot race.” I guess they were to lazy to run the other 22 miles to complete a Real Marathon. Nothing like proving your opponents point for them.


Ok, if we’re going with stereotypes,

when you drink do you

1. Beat your wife?

2. Pass out drunk in a puddle of your own puke?

3. End up on a park bench with a red face and a wild eyed look?

4. Rob a 7-11?

5. Attack the cops?

6. Hit pedestrians in cross-walks?


Regular Marathon 26 miles,

stoner marathon….


The inanity of the comments here unequivocally demonstrate that the old stereotypes about marijuana still exist.

Haters love to hate.


Either haters love to hate or maybe they believe the findings of the AMA and the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence that conclude marijuana use affects memory, thinking, concentrating, sensory and time perception and coordinated movement. Research has also shown poorer cognitive abilities than non-users, including memory capability, math and verbal skills.

Haters gonna hate!


The AMA just published a paper describing MJ as a Medicine 100% . So what are you gonna do? Fire people because they use an approved medicine? How about Nyquill? that one screws you up too. You can pass a drug test flying on LSD, Heroin? No problem, just wait two days.

As far as the rest of that nonsense go tell it to Bill Gates


conclude marijuana use affects memory, thinking, concentrating, sensory and time perception and coordinated movement


You need the AMA to tell you that mj gets you high? Do you need the AMA to tell you that alcohol gets you drunk? Do you need the AMA to tell you that prescription pain killers get you _______?

What’s your point?