Car slams into Atascadero 7-Eleven

August 13, 2015

gas pedalAn Atascadero 7-Eleven lost some of its structural integrity Wednesday after a driver improperly parked his car. [KSBY]

An older man was pulling into the 7-11 parking lot on the corner of El Camino Real and Curbaril Avenue around 11:25 a.m. His foot slipped off the brake and hit the gas, Atascadero police say.

The car slammed into the 7-Eleven building, leaving a hole in the lower part of the exterior wall near the entrance. Police say the building had significant structural damage, but the vehicle only sustained minor damage.

No one suffered any injuries in the accident.

The city building inspector came out to the scene and recommended that a structural engineer assess the damage.


Could not have happened with a manual transmission, one would have disengaged the transmission before hitting a pedal. Wrong pedal and he’d have hit the curb, maybe bumped the building a little, by not braking. But now it must be “automatic” and we power right thru the wall. We now have an entire society incapable of driving a stick. 300 lbs, smoking a cigarette, talking on a cell phone, no use of turn signals or the precepts of the California Vehicle Code. I guess we need self-driving cars.


Will self-driving cars ‘accidentally’ hit the gas instead of the brake?


It’s sad when an elderly person has to stop driving and there’s that fear of losing your independence but maybe it’s time to put away the keys and start taking the bus grandpa. I’m glad nobody was injured.