Hydrant bursts, floods SLO streets

August 11, 2015

photo-firehydrantTens of thousands of gallons of water spilled onto the streets of San Luis Obispo Tuesday morning, after a truck backed into a fire hydrant. [KSBY]

The accident occurred around 7:45 a.m. on Hind Lane. City workers turned off the water about 25 minutes later.

City officials initially estimated about 30,000 gallons of water poured out of the hydrant. They later estimated the total was closer to 75,000 gallons.

The water flowed down Long Street and onto Tank Farm Road. The route along Hind Lane, Long Street and Tank Farm Road borders the San Luis Obispo Tribune building.

Police said the driver of the truck left the scene.


Gotta go!


25 minutes to off a valve??? Were the workers on a coffee break??


Operating valves that haven’t be “exercised” takes some time. Additionally, first a call had to go out to the City of SLO (assuming the location is indeed in SLO City limits; otherwise, SLO County would need to respond). Then the maintenance department has to be dispatched and drive to the damaged hydrant. All in all, “about 25 minutes” is probably a decent response time.


Prado corp yard to Hind Lane less than a mile. 0745 hours = coffee time. Closing 4 inch gate valve = 14 turns.


Doubt the main is a 4″, more like 6,8 or bigger and there typically 25 turns not 14. If the water was landing on the worker its like standing under a waterfall while being water boarded.


Find the truck and then cite them. Hit and run maybe?


Send him a bill for the water he used.

Jorge Estrada

There goes more North County water. I hope there is no ordinance imposed the North County residents to cover this loss?


So much for the impact of my 3-minute showers and Monday/Thursday lawn watering on water conservation.