Man flees with handcuff on his wrist in Nipomo

August 21, 2015
Damon Ramos

Damon Ramos

A Santa Maria man ran away from California Highway Patrol officers while he had a handcuff around his wrist, prompting an hours-long search in Nipomo. [KSBY]

On Thursday morning, the CHP received a call about a possibly abandoned vehicle on Widow Lane by Southland Street. When an officer arrived, a man was driving toward him in a vehicle matching the description of the one reported.

The CHP officer stopped the vehicle. After contacting the driver, the officer suspected he was under the influence.

The officer then determined the driver had a felony warrant in Riverside and misdemeanor warrants in Santa Barbara County. The suspect was identified as 34-year-old Damon Ramos.

Ramos ran away with the handcuff on his wrist while he was being arrested, officers say.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office then assisted the CHP in searching for Ramos. A helicopter participated in the search.

After a few hours, the CHP received a tip from a citizen that led them to Ramos, who was hiding nearby. Officers succeeded in arresting Ramos and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail.

Ramos faces eight charges, including petty theft, felony false impersonation and misdemeanor escape after arrest with force, according to the sheriff’s office website. He remains in the jail with his bail set at $130,000.


Why do low riders have those little steering wheels?

So they can be driven with handcuffs.


Yeah…there more than a few things off with this article. The reporter did the officers a favor by not making it obvious how incompetent they are. They handcuffed him and put him in the back of a police car. All the officers were way too excited to search his car without permission in hopes of finding drugs to notice that they didn’t even lock the door of the police car. Apparently somebody doesn’t know how to securely handcuff a person either. He only had the cuffs on one wrist because he slipped out of them and simply opened the car door and ran. They also could not find him for over 6 hours even with the help of dogs and a helicopter. By the way, they never found any drugs and never charged him with the DUI that they originally arrested him for. Why? Because there were no drugs and he wasn’t under the influence.

Kaiser Bill

Keystone Kops. They have an expensive power boat though. Its cool. Ian Parkinson thinks he’s Sonny Crockett on Miami Vice.

Kaiser Bill

Some, I assume, are good people.


Some what, KB?


why did he have a handcuff around his waist? I don’t know of officers who carry jail type handcuffs that go around the waist and then on the prisoners wrist.

Handcuffed and the chippy could not catch him? Something seems off with this article


No where in the article does it say “waist”. It says “wrist”, and since that’s not plural, that probably means only one handcuff was latched and his arms were free to be used to run away quickly.


I’ll be darned….a Hispanic male.

miles archer

I’ll be darned…more white trash bigotry. Click to the NEXT article and tell me what your profiling says about him.


More white trash.

Rich in MB

Another Happy Ending.

The officer got his handcuffs back!