SLOPD report tells girl’s account of forced prostitution

August 3, 2015
Fabio Bettencourt Silveira

Fabio Bettencourt Silveira

A 15-year-old Manteca girl, who recently spent five days working as a prostitute in San Luis Obispo County, was forced into prostitution by her boyfriend. [Tribune]

The victim said she met 16-year-old Nikko Xavier Anaya on Instagram about four months ago, according to San Luis Obispo Police Department reports. Anaya, also a Manteca resident, invited her to go to dinner with him in Santa Cruz on July 23.

In Santa Cruz, the couple met Brianna Day Morales, 20, and Elijah Joel Wolfson, 19. Anaya paid for their dinner, and the group checked into a motel.

At the motel, Anaya told the girl that she owed him because he paid for dinner. Anaya said a man would soon knock on the door, and the girl would have sex with him for $180.

The victim had sex with the man and said she did so because Anaya supported her. But, she began to freak out afterward, and Anaya gave her cocaine to calm down.

On July 24, the girl traveled with Anaya, Morales and Wolfson to San Luis Obispo County. The victim was driven to several homes to have sex with men.

One night in SLO County, she was forced to have have sex with nine men, the girl said.

Anaya and 20-year-old Fabio Bettencourt Silveira, who joined the group in SLO County, split the money. They never paid the victim.

Anaya had created an advertisement on a website featuring photos of the girl in underwear and describing her as a 19-year-old “petite filipina.”

Anaya, Silveira, Morales and Wolfson are all charged with human trafficking in San Luis Obispo. Sometimes the victim saw them carrying guns, she said.

On July 28, the girl managed to call her father while at a hotel on Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo. The defendants had left the hotel to get food at the time.

The girl’s father called Manteca police, and they called SLOPD. San Luis Obispo officers then rescued the victim.

Anaya and Silveira appeared in court on Friday, but their hearings were postponed.

Anaya is being charged as an adult, but he is being held in the county juvenile services center. In court, he was separated from the adult defendants.

Wolfson was arrested on a warrant in San Joaquin County, but he will be arraigned in San Luis Obispo. Morales is due to appear in court on Aug. 12.

Silveira, a Chico resident, also has a case pending in SLO County in which he is charged with bringing drugs, alcohol or paraphernalia to the county jail. He also faces charges of false representation to a peace officer, operating a vehicle with a suspended license and possession of marijuana.

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One night in SLO County, she was forced to have have sex with nine men, the girl said.


What the? Who would do that? How would she not be torn up?

If this is true, that there are 9 guys in SLO that would want to get together and do this, they should be found and prosecuted. They are child rapists. Get one talking to turn the others in.

I cannot fathom paying someone for sex, ignoring the fact they are so young they should be home doing their homework–and then blocking out the fact they are terrified and upset–as I cancel them out as a human being and instead see them as an object I rented for the evening to appease my sick gratification. THAT is on the same level as the men who forced her to perform these acts.

Welcome to the world of PTSD, young lady. Nightmares, dissociation, irrational fears, hypervigilance, panic attacks, shame, impaired relationships with men for the rest of your life, lack of trust; the list goes on and on….hope you johns feel good about this!

Did anyone else hit the “mental brakes” when they read:

“The victim had sex with the man and said she did so because Anaya supported her.” ?!?!

OK, they met on instagram and have known each other for four (4) months, then they meet in person for dinner? Or have they been “together” for the four months? The way it’s written, it almost sounds like they first met in person (after four months of instagram) for dinner, but then the victim says Anaya “supported” her…? Financially? Emotionally? Who was she living with / dependent on for the last four months?

I’m a bit confused. I do not know too many people (even after years of knowing them) that would agree to just have sex with some guy who comes knocking on the door. Then again, I did not grow up with a third-world mentality in a s-hole of a community.

You sound like you had a loving family who instilled good, solid values in you.

This is the “text book” way gangs trap teens into prostitution.

Here in San Luis the sheeple are protected from such things.

When there was no mention of kidnapping charges, one had to assume she went voluntarily.

After that it was all downhill.

I wonder how these young men would feel if they were told that thier debt to society and restitution to thier victim is so great, that they must have sex with any prison inmate with money on thier books and willing to pay. That would be fair.