Tow truck driver crushed in Santa Maria

August 4, 2015

ambulance 4A tow truck driver died last week following a freak accident at his towing company’s Santa Maria facility. [KCOY]

On Friday, driver Sergio Orozco reportedly was crushed between a winch cable and the side of his tow truck. Fire crews responded to the Smitty’s Towing facility in the 1200 block of West Betteravia Road at about 1 p.m.

Orozco was airlifted to Cottage Hospital in critical condition. He later died from injuries sustained in the accident.

Smitty’s Towing issued a statement promising a full investigation.

“There was a terrible accident at our Santa Maria facility. We do not know yet exactly what happened. All we know at this time is that we have lost a member of the Smitty’s family. Our focus now is on supporting the Orozco family,” the company stated.



  1. CentralcoastRN says:

    Unions are evil remember? Why have safe working conditions and trained professionals working for a fair wage when you can just put anyone in a job?

    I am very sorry for this man’s family.

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    • kayaknut says:

      You can’t just put anyone in the job if you are following the law, but why would an employer? If a potential worker has no consequences for not following the law and if an potential employer has no consequences for not following the law, why not pay some one illegally to work for less. Yes , the union would save us all, ha ha.

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    • justbeware says:

      A union wouldn’t make a hill of beans difference if this man wasn’t following company policy and was killed as a result.
      Remember the meat worker that had his arm swallowed by the grinder when he stuck his hand in?

      It’s quite a stretch to assume that if he were a union member his life would have been spared.

      It’s a shame this man lost his life. Now let the investigation tell us what happened so hopefully it won’t happen again.

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    • BeenThereDoneThat says:

      Let’s not forget we have OSHA and MANY non-union jobs and protection. Nice dig and spin though.

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  2. Kevin Rice says:

    How can you label the incident a freak accident–which is a nonsense term to begin with–when the cause is not known?

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  3. TaxMeAgain says:

    Not an acceptable answer. There are no “freak” accidents. A formal investigation should be performed and all equipment, practices, and culture examined.

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    • zaphod says:

      union machinists workers don’t operate outside gearbox machines without a partner

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      • Kevin Rice says:

        The influx of illegal grey market labor has decimated union trades, training, and good practices.

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        • zaphod says:

          The reagan administration refused to enforce labor laws, patco was “banned for life striking for safe work conditions.” caterpillar used german factories to break the union in peoria (against the law since 1955), with strong unions we would not have un fair wages elsewhere pushing grey labor around. , organize .

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          • Kevin Rice says:

            With a union controlled labor force you get a limited supply of lucrative jobs and a thriving grey market. Free market always wins, for better or worse. People seeking work will compete regardless of artificial controls. Might as well try to wage war on drugs.

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          • topper01 says:

            Unions SUPPORT illegal immigration. Most Union employees work non-union jobs when they get laid off. Most union workers make less per year than their non union counterparts even though they make more per hour, they get laid off for months at a time. Most union workers object to their union dues being used to elect politicians that they do not want in office. Unions use strong arm tactics to impose their will on non union companies. Unions have out run their course and needs to be broken!

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      • kettle says:

        So union machinists drive tow trucks?

        Don’t feed the troll.

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        • zaphod says:

          “outside machining” equipment like cable winches with gearboxes require two people for safety, had this been the case in this yard we wouldn’t be pointing fingers.

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          • kettle says:

            ” We do not yet know exactly what happened. ”

            So we do not know if a second person would have saved him. Being in a union does not prevent everything that is bad. Facts are the cure for pointing fingers..

            Also $250 tows and lockout’s..

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            • zaphod says:

              A man died alone at the workplace that is a fact.

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              • AmericaBeautiful says:

                I’m sorry about that. But…..the ever-resent question when tragedies occur these days is: Was he an Illegal Criminal Alien? We know they don’t follow any laws.
                Or was he just careless?

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                • Lisam says:

                  Sergio was the most amazing father, husband, friend,son, brother, and uncle! He most definitely was NOT a criminal or an illegal alien! He also was never careless. He has been in the business for a very long time and he is far from careless! He has always put safety first when it comes to his occupation and everything for that matter!
                  I dont know what happen, no one does! All I know is I was offended by the comment above and wanted to clear that up quick! Dont be so quick to assume things, the only thing that matters is my children have to live without their father the rest of their life and I have to be without my best friend!

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                • moderator says:

                  I am deeply sorry that I approved this comment,
                  an error on my part.
                  condolences to those who knew him

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