Atheist United sign vandalized in Atascadero

September 21, 2015

Atheists UnitedMotorists on southbound Highway 101 near Atascadero noticed Monday morning that an Atheists United San Luis Obispo highway cleanup sign had been vandalized.

The Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway program provides an avenue for individuals or organizations to help maintain sections of California’s highways. Adopt-A-Highway signs provides recognition for the services provided.

“Atheist United SLO stands for reason, compassion, and tolerance for all people,” said Atheist United SLO president Steven Arkowitz. “The highway sign is a symbol of the positive work we are dedicated to performing in our local community.”

Atheist United SLO is a local nonprofit organization representing over 400 non-believers in San Luis Obispo County.

Caltrans removed the sign on Monday and plans to replace it.


Atheists are often quite intolerant…


Replace the sign? Really?

That sign could have been cleaned in 2-3 minutes with a rag and a little white naphtha (lighter fluid or “Goof-Off”) or at worst a little MEK.

Now I DO think the atheists did it…


Courage in a spray can.

Jesus would NOT approve !


“tolerance for all people” unless you happen to believe in a God


AUSLO probably did it themselves for publicity.


Defacing a sign touting the good works of Atheist United? Seems somewhat sacrilegious ….


Levity, what a concept


“Atheist United SLO stands for reason, compassion, and tolerance for all people,” said Atheist United SLO president Steven Arkowitz.


Sure you do Mr. Arkowitz. Just like the whole gay marriage mess. All they wanted was equal rights to marry. They weren’t out to destroy those who believe in the absolute Word of our living God. How has that worked out?



Jesus had plenty to say about HYPOCRITES. They’re the devil’s brood.

Not so much about unbelievers. They’re the ‘lost sheep’.

Mitch C

Maybe a prayer is in order. They may not believe in God, but God believes in them!


I don’t understand motivations for vandalism, but I also have a hard time understanding why atheists unite. I don’t believe in the Tooth fairy, but don’t feel the need to form a club with that as its theme.


Not like forming a club that believes in a supreme being who created man in his image and gave advice through inscribing commandments in stone tables. Nothing like that right.


The difference is being for something vs being against something.

How about an anti gay club or anti transgender, anti black group? Atheists are against Christianity. There is nothing they stand for. That is the difference.