Humpback whale knocks over kayak, video

September 16, 2015

A pair of Central Coast whale watchers had a close call Saturday when a massive humpback whale jumped out of the water and landed several feet from their two-person kayak. The kayakers were knocked into the ocean, but not injured.

A Sanctuary Cruises passenger filming whales near Monterey Bay’s Moss Landing Harbor caught the close call on video. The company suspended whale watching tours shortly after the kayakers were knocked into the water.


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Darwin was asleep at the wheel on this one. Should have taken them out. Lets leave the whales alone.

So you would have been pleased if they had been killed because they got too close to a whale? Wow.

Kayak for sale real cheep!

Whale of a tale.


1. Do not disturb whales

2. Do not encroach within 100 yards

3. Do not move into path of a whale

4. Do not get between two whales

5. Do not chase any whales

Doing so may subject you to fines and penalty’s……..or in this case getting crushed.