Arsonists set fire to California Planned Parenthood

October 1, 2015

planned-parenthood-logo1Arsonists used gasoline to set fire to a Thousand Oaks Planned Parenthood office Wednesday night, according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office. [LA Times]

At about 11:30 p.m., a fire alarm sounded at the Planned Parenthood office in the 1200 block of West Hillcrest Drive. Deputies and firefighters responded and found a broken window.

The building’s sprinkler system doused a small fire that was burning. No one was inside the building at the time.

Ventura County Sheriff’s Capt. John Reilly said someone likely used a rock to shatter a window, then threw an accelerant inside the office and ignited it.

The office was vandalized more than six weeks ago, Reilly said. No threats were made to the Planned Parenthood office before the fire, he said.

Arson and sheriff’s investigators have been examining the blaze. Investigators plan to pull still photographs from surveillance footage obtained from the building’s security cameras.

Planned Parenthood is currently under national scrutiny for its use of federal funds. This summer, videos surfaced showing executives discussing recovering fetal tissue from abortions for research.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards has been defending the orgainzation this week on Capitol Hill. Cecile told House Republicans the organization did not break the law.

“Planned Parenthood has been in the news recently because of deceptively edited videos released by a group that is dedicated to making abortion illegal in this country,” Richards said. “This is just the most recent in a long line of discredited attacks.”

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I am always appalled, but never surprised by the asshattery, insanity, and plain hatefulness of one political party here in America.

The jerks that have hijacked


They’re ignorant fascists with a purpose, and their sheer numbers give them power to be as flagrant and obnoxious as they feel inclined.

Truly, the worst bullies and morons among us.

I hope to live to the day when democratic principles overcome this fascist bubble.

But if that doesn’t happen, I’m convinced that the oppressed and young will eventually take no more; and these seeming plutocrats will be dispatched in the streets on a daily basis, and the crowds will cheer.

I hope

Some people are always appalled no matter what happens and nothing can change that.

Oh no …there’s many things that can change that.

People CAN change their minds. They can switch from being parrots and drones to thinking for themselves.

Circumstances can become pivotal. Obama would have been unelectable in 2004.

Things change, and he’s elected President in 2008.

50% of the people are appalled and will do nothing. The other 50% of appalled will be further motivated.

I think you’re of the former ‘do-nothing and continue to complain class’.

Good luck with that.

I wonder if such an “arson act” at a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue would attract so much attention?

Probably not but one on a mosque or a church in the south would be front page news.

Practically all ( perhaps probably all ) of the firebombed / arsoned churches in the South ARE Christian.

They also happen to be African-American.

There have been at least eight church fires this year alone ( up until July 1 ) in southern states, and all were predominantly African-American.

Y’all just can’t help yourselves, can you ?

Thanks for proving the point.

It doesn’t matter what the target group’s skin color is or what church they go to. This is clearly an act of terrorism and should be aggressively dealt with as such!

Well of course not. Arson is an indiscriminate CRIME against ALL of society.

It is the opponents of PP, and more generally the mouth-breathing right-wing that are trying to obfuscate with nonsense.

Unfortunately we currently have a president and state leaders that are completely inept when it comes to really addressing the issue of terrorism and either don’t have a clue or have no intention of doing what really needs to be done.

I would not be surprised if someone from Planned Parenthood is the culprit, trying to make people think that this was done by some people opposed to Planned Parenthood.

BTW, a forensic audit of the video tapes revealed that the tapes were not significantly altered….to the President of Planned Parenthood has been dishonest again.

Actually, the baby was a stillborn baby and the woman who gave birth did NOT give her permission to use the video.

So droll …no evidence, just blind accusation and innuendo. Typical blaming the victim.

Do you people have any shame …any sense of reality ?

Those tapes were highly edited. Voiceovers inserted by who knows who. Just lying propaganda. Rep. Chaffetz’s ‘graph’ was total made-up baloney intended to deceive. He wouldn’t even let Cecile Richards answer …constantly talking over with his own borrowed rhetoric.

Lies and liars: that’s the only agenda of Republicans.

They’re extortionists that do nothing but waste taxpayer dollars with bogus ‘investigations’, and then threaten to shut down the government at a cost of Billion$ when their whiny diaper baby screaming is not capitulated to.

Terrible, rotten, incompetent liars !

Gosh Bob that’s brilliant; and the reason someone from PP would start the fire themselves? To gain….what?

You cons need to understand that folks of a more liberal bent don’t think like you…They actually use critical thinking and don’t consider any means to their desired end justified. “Forensic audit”? Oh , you mean the one performed by the anti-abortion group? Like the slide shown by a Republican attack congressman who claimed it was from PP, that turned out to be supplied an anti-abortion group? Keep on sippin’ the Kool-aid.

easy, attention.

QUOTING DOWNTOWN BOB: “I would not be surprised if someone from Planned Parenthood is the culprit, trying to make people think that this was done by some people opposed to Planned Parenthood.”


What evidence do you have to post to support this veiled attempt at blaming the victim?

Planned Parenthood is hardly the victim, more like the taxpayers are the victims

My bet: False flag.

False flag –describes covert operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

The American Taliban at work.

Domestic TERRORISM like this is a much bigger problem in the US than ISIS and other Islamic terrorists.

What is your point?

“More Americans have died in the last year from gun violence than in the last 40 years from terror attacks”

87,000 , and the year’s only 3/4 through.

But ‘conservatives’ / Republicans don’t care. They JUST DON’T CARE.

How many of those were at the hands of law abiding folks??? My guess is most were at the hands of known criminals and no gun laws are going to prevent those from getting guns.

Yeh right-domestic terrorism like this has killed thousands of civilians, raped and pillaged over thousands of square miles, used poisonous gas to wipe out villages, stolen hundreds of millions of dollars of petroleum and raided banks of gold and cash, beheaded live on the internet many soldiers, civilians and soldiers, and kidnapped hundreds if not thousands of victims, all right here in the good old USA according to you. It’s emotional hyperbole like this that makes meaningful discussion and reasoning difficult about Planned Parenthood.

I don’t think so, how many people have died or been severely injured by American born or christian terrorists in the United States in the last twenty years? Not even close to what has been perpetrated by muslim extremists. Most terrorism in the last twenty years has been done in the name of islam.

Ah, but with Planned Parenthood, people can be killed BEFORE they are born. Does that count, too?

Thumbs up!

The Bush/Cheney illegal ‘war’ in Iraq resulted in at least 100,000 and probably closer to 500,000 deaths.

AFAIK, both of these war criminal terrorists claim to be ‘christians’ and ARE supposed Americans.

The disruption caused by said illegal war has spread to further death and destruction thr..oughout the region …particularly in Syria.

Your side is not only wrong, you’re on the wrong side of history.

Most of the rest of the world ( including ALL of the ‘civilized’ nations ) hates and detests the US; with reason.

And over a million babies were killed in the US last year via abortion. Your point?

A fetal zygote is to a living breathing person.what a bag of electronic components is to a laptop computer.

Unassembled not yet a computer, a zygote not yet a person. It’s not a question of morals it’s a question of timing nothing to get upset about or point fingers.

The families of 2,977 people murdered on 9-11 and the families of the soldiers killed and injured in the middle east might disagree with “unlisteds” comments.

The family’s of the 11,208 who died to gun violence in 2013 might disagree with achillesheal when the comparison of 3521 deaths from terror 1970-2014 to the 9948 gun violence death in 2015 alone is used.

Have they checked all the employees and staff? It wouldn’t be the first time a inside person has done something to further their own agenda. Recently wasn’t there a person who faked racist threats just to further her position?

This is not the way to solve the problem.

Not cool!

What do you consider “the problem” dude?

Does not matter, arson is wrong.

Ever listen to PP’s founder, Margret Sanger? Read her autobiography, or any of her works. Then come back and ask what the problem with her organization is.

Yeah, that was like 100 years ago.

Let’s go back little more than 60 years ago and read the Republican Party’s platform …Eisenhower. Back when a number of them were sane ( Not Joe McCarthy or Nixon ).

Compare, contrast, converse.

Tell me, or rather …try to persuade any others that the current Republican cult is not just a lunatic commune loosely held in place by idiots and opportunistic A-holes.

There’s 30 million+ ignorant, bigoted, criminally minded morons that are your BASE.

Soon, very soon, you will see that they turn cannibal on YOU.

And us smart ‘progressives/liberals/civilizationalists’ will step back and applaud while they eat your guts.