Man who stabbed pregnant girlfriend on trial in SLO

October 1, 2015
Brian Michael Rodriguez

Brian Michael Rodriguez

An attorney defending a Lompoc man who stabbed his pregnant girlfriend argued in an opening statement that his client could not have committed attempted murder because he was in an alcohol-induced blackout. [Tribune]

Brian Michael Rodriguez, 26, stabbed his pregnant girl multiple times while the couple was visiting friends in Cambria in July 2014. Rodriguez is charged with more than two dozen felonies in addition to attempted murder. His trial began Wednesday in San Luis Obispo Superior Court.

Court records state Rodriguez drank beer throughout the evening of the stabbing. Rodriguez allegedly barged in on his girlfriend while she was in a restroom and attempted to urinate on her.

She stopped him, forcing him to urinate on himself. Rodriguez then became angry, punched her in the head and face and called her a whore.

Shortly later, Rodriguez threatened her with a knife and told her he was going to stab her and kill her. Rodriguez then cut her multiple times on the arm and once on the back.

During opening statements, defense attorney Raymond Allen said the stabbing was terrible but Rodriguez did not have the intent to kill his girlfriend. The combination of Rodriguez’s blackout and his underlying mental health issues precluded him from having the intent required to convict a person of attempted murder, Allen said.

Allen said he would introduce evidence of Rodriguez having a personality disorder, depression and attention-deficit disorder, as well as antisocial and sadistic traits.

Deputy district attorney Greg Devitt said during his opening statement that the stabbing was the fifth in a series of incidents that left the victim with small wounds. Prior to the July incident, the victim treated herself with gauze, bandages and rum, opting not to seek professional medical attention, Devitt said.

Devitt said he would show text messages in which Rodriguez said he wanted his girlfriend crippled, in a wheelchair and dead. He also said he would call the victim to the witness stand to recall the night of the stabbing and Rodriguez’s history of abuse.

Rodriguez previously pleaded guilty to a felony after stabbing his ex-wife in the forearm. Court records state he stabbed his ex-wife in the presence of their children.


The number one cause of death to pregnant women is murder. That is my random fact to contribute to this conversation. The second fun fact I want to point out that as a felon, this guy probably did not have a job, and as such we the taxpayer were probably in some way were probably paying for the beer that contributed to this crime in question.

Ooooh. I just feel all warm and fussy thinking about it.


Looks like three dots to me, it means “Mi Vita Loco” ( My crazy life). Usually see them on the hands.


That little tattoo under his left eye tell me everything I need to know.


Gang sign for a kill? Like the teardrop?


I think his personality disorder comes on when too much alcohol is introduced into his system.


Let’s see – this was the fifth time he had stabbed his girlfriend, had a history of assaults – and he is STILL on the street? After five tries I’d say he had every intent to kill her, he just was pretty inept, thank goodness. Could he have been trying to kill her because she was pregnant, and he didn’t want to be held responsible for child support, etc.?

No doubt he does have mental health issue,s as no one in his right mind behaves like this, but no one forced him to drink, no one forced him to do anything. Sorry, many people who commit crimes obviously have issues but that should not be an excuse to let them off the hook.A lot of people are mentally ill but they don’t do things like this. BTW – Is this guy a citizen?


Can someone please explain why anyone would get involved with (let alone impregnated by) a ???, (can’t call him a man) who has previously stabbed his wife in front of his children?

This dirt bag isn’t the only one who needs his head examined.

Poor choices usually lead to poor results, this story is a perfect example.


As a recovering alcoholic with a lot of years sober–I can tell you I hear about stories like this in recovery ALL THE TIME. There are other stories too–people who drive the wrong way on freeways and kill families, men who discover they have raped and are shocked to find there is DNA to prove it. I have a sponsee in prison as we speak who “went out” at a party in LA and then killed a bicyclist in Morro Bay. Eleven years—and she doesn’t even remember any of it. I am blessed, truly blessed-I did no harm, and that was only by the grace of some Higher Power, for I drove drunk a lot. And I appreciate that. The rest of my day will be spent in gratitude and in service to others-for I did not deserve just a few 646f charges-but I was fortunate.

There are some cultures who believe if you are in a blackout–demons come and play with you–like a puppet on a string. I know people who have committed suicide, because they cannot live with the constant pain and guilt of what they have done while drunk (even though they do not remember the actual act they committed). Getting sober is like being lifted out of the pits of a dark hell.

Alcohol: The Equal Opportunity Destroyer.




I understand what you are saying but at the end of the day it is still you the individual that brought harm on the innocent victim. There is still punishment that has to be meted out. That is how life works.