California’s Economic Cooling Act

October 7, 2015


Senator John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) issued the following statement Wednesday in response to the governor signing Senate Bill 350 (De León), the California “Economic Cooling” Act, at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles:

“This law should be called the California Economic Cooling Act, because SB 350 puts California’s economic recovery on ice. By almost every measure, California is already the most expensive state in which to build a business and raise a family. SB 350 is projected to double California’s electricity costs, which are already among the nation’s highest.

“What business wants to come to California, where we’re making it economically impossible to survive? While California lawmakers are busy trying to save the world, they’re simultaneously bringing extinction to California’s economic competitiveness.

“The only good news is that California’s airports will see increased traffic, as the governors from Arizona, Texas, and just about every other state increase their efforts to recruit more businesses away from California. Instead of trying to save the planet, I would be happy if Sacramento focused its time and priorities on saving the state of California by addressing its deficits and reducing its debts,” concluded Senator Moorlach.

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Fact – Kevin de León’s Suburban was running for an hour to keep the interior cool while he was hob knobbing with all the L.A. political hacks at Griffith observatory today after they proclaimed victory of his planet saving bill, AB350. The rest of the country has no plans to do anything like this. It’s just a bunch of hypocritical, self absorbed political hacks that are jumping on Jerry’s dementia fueled narcissism of how he knows what’s best for us serfs. They are just like Arnold (idiot) Schwarzenegger who pushed for AB32 and jacked our gas rates 50 cents more than the rest of the country while he commuted back and forth to Santa Monica every week, burning and spewing enough fuel for 50 families a year. These political hypocrites want us to reverse our standard of life by one hundred years while China kicks our ass and spews coal fired gas into the atmosphere for the next 20 years before they even start to commit to climate change remediation. F-u to all u idiots who think California can shoulder the world’s sin within our state.

I see some positive signs here.

We are no longer debating that climate change is occurring….and we can all agree that we should not act because our politicians are narcissistic hypocrites…and we want our awesome jobs back from China….the ones that pay 40 cents/hour and pollute rivers and streams with heavy metals and cause massive toxic smog blankets that blot out the sun. Wait….who is reversing our standard of living by 100 years?

I would like to point out that when we invest in renewable energy and efficient buildings, its not as though the money goes up in smoke. It creates local construction jobs and gets recycled back into the Ca economy. Yes, we can do this to save the world and we can do this to save money for Califonia. Some investment up front, savings a bit later.

My point was that these people of power and privilege spout a mantra or religion for saving the planet while not walking the walk. They have no stake in the economy or health of middle class and want to control the citizens that drive to and from work every day. They hate suburbs, green lawns, kids playing soccer and automobiles. I made no reference to jobs in China vs. jobs in the U.S. It’s amazing to me how you and your beard scratching buddies are so high and mighty that they know for sure why climate change is occurring and what’s best for us. Our climate has been changing for millions of years. It cools it warms – so fukng what? Move north.

I assumed that when you said “China is kicking our ass” that you meant economically which generally means output/jobs. Apologizes if you meant that they are beating us in militarily might, new hydroelectric capacity, or panda bear hunting.

Your reference to beard scratching buddies….i’m going to guess would be scientists or maybe hipster micobrew guys who won’t give up their fixies. Either way I would gladly turn over the future of civilization to either group of beard scratchers….more trustworthy than crotch scratchers.

By the way, we are shouldering the world’s sin alone. From yesterday’s news:

The Governor has spearheaded a global pact amongst cities, states and countries, called the Under 2 MOU, to limit the increase in global average temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius – the warming threshold at which scientists say there will likely be catastrophic climate disruptions. To date, a total of 42 jurisdictions representing 19 countries and five continents have signed or endorsed the Under 2 MOU, collectively representing more than $13.1 trillion in GDP and 463 million people. If the signatories represented a single country, it would be the second largest economy in the world behind only the United States.

Should have read NOT shouldering

Too expensive? Mr. Moorlach’s home country is the Netherlands…..literally, “Lower Lands”. It is the 4th most densely populated country on earth and 21% of its people currently live BELOW sea level. Half the country is less than a meter above sea level. I wonder if Mr. Moorlach’s former countrymen see the status quo as acceptable?

To far from home and dont give a $h1t about dirty “Ur-a-Peons”? There is an article on NPR today about the costs of Hurricane Sandy (500 million for a single unusable subway station) and ongoing costs to protect their infrastructure from future flooding….billions of federal $….which means the money spent was yours and mine.

New York still too far away? Does the friggin mudslide need to be bearing down on your house before you decide that it might be wise to take action?

Senator Moorlach,

California represents the 7th largest economy in the world. What we choose to do makes a difference. We need leaders with a vision of the future not leaders fearfully looking backwards. Our energy paradigm is changing and you need to get with the program…..because this will be important for high paying jobs that are part of that future.

He is right.

“California’s economic recovery on ice”

What recovery?

This is one of the oddest opinion pieces I’ve seen here. I seriously thought that maybe the entire article didn’t load. Refresh didn’t seem to fix it, so I’ll just have to assume that this Senator intended to release this rant as his opinion when he didn’t get his way. I was interested to hear some intelligent thoughts with some facts included, but instead his point was to coin a new name for this law in some comedic attempt. Really sad that this guy is an elected official.

I understand it was his choice to post this opinion piece. My criticism of the piece was directed at the the Senator.

Really sad that this guy is an elected official.

Have you ever seen ANY of California’s “elected officials”? They are all VERY SAD, indeed. Heck, just check out the governor – saddest one of them all.

Elected feel the love

Hey CCN how about a FACT or two? Your lead paragraph uses only the opponent’s term for the bill; it’s actually called ” Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015″. How about not doing our thinking for us and let us readers decide?

Time remaining until mediator removes this comment: three, two one…

Yes, indeed, it is an opinion piece; however, the first introductory paragraph was not part of his opinion; it is an announcement or introduction. Seems like you could have printed the actual name of the bill and let him voice his version of it.. And, while I’m at it, your headline would have been more accurate if it said:”Moorlach: California’s Economic Cooling Act”… Just sayin’….

I always feel really dumb if all I do is read the “catchy” title of a bill and that’s it. Instead, I often like to read the actual text (at least exec summary, then select §’s)

What catdude? Angry because Moorlach has an (R)? No matter what the bill is called, if it has been proposed and passed by liberal (D) “progressive”, [Regressive], legislator’s in Sacramento, it’s BAD FOR US!

Liberal’s, the CANCER of this Country. When you speak do you baaa, baaa, baaa?

The left= Sheep. To the slaughter. And yes catdude, because of people like you, we will all suffer. And are.