Morro Bay officer shoots suspect

October 30, 2015

Morro bay shooting

A Morro Bay police officer shot a suspect in the leg early Friday morning, according to a press release.

At about 6:40 a.m., a citizen reported seeing a person break into a shop and then head for Morro Rock. An officer arrived and approached the suspect near Morro Rock, just behind Coleman Park.

The suspect allegedly hit the officer in the head with an object, though it is unclear what the object was at this time. The officer suffered head injuries.

The officer then shot the suspect.

The suspect is in stable condition at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo.

At the request of Morro Bay Police Chief Amy Christey, a SLO County Sheriff’s Office forensics unit is processing the area for evidence. Deputies will also collaborate on the investigations into both the burglary and the assault on the officer.

Following police department protocol, Morro Bay has also requested the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office conduct an independent investigation into the officer-involved shooting.

Shocked in MB

I am always amazed by the people who sit in their chair at home and “ponder” how they would handle a situation that another person has 1.43567 seconds to “ponder”-amazing.

There is no person on the face of this earth who knows how they would handle themselves in a similar situation- the person who thinks they would confront someone-turns out to be the one who just stands there and urinates in their pants; the one who would wound a person turns out to be the one who empties their gun into a suspect and is still trying to shoot 5 seconds after the gun is empty.

Trust me folks, you hope you would know what you would do in a similar situation-but you will never know until it happens. That is why the military trains over and over on how to handle yourself in combat- they did not want you to think, only react.


Amen, now tell that to all the cop bashers nationwide.


The cop was probably not trying to shoot him in the leg. Adrenaline, scuffle, whatever…probably was just throwing lead at the guy. If he DID try to shoot him in the leg on purpose, his is not bright.


I doubt the officer aimed for the leg.

It might be a little hard to make a perfect shot when someone is clubbing you in the head.

Glad he was able to stop the attacker, and I don’t really give a shit whether the punk lives or not


Quick someone get Quentin Tarrentino’s take on this. (Sarcasm)

fishing village

My support goes to our police officer!! Protecting us all is their job. Good work to our men/women on the MBPD.


still waiting to see the video to corroborate this story. officers are trained to shoot the torso not the leg. how threatened are you if you shoot someone in the leg.


Pity the officer was such a bad shot…


This criminal is lucky. Occasionally an officer is in a position to wound a criminal by shooting him in the leg. Good work officer, thank you for apprehending this crook and keeping the rest of us safe.

Rich in MB

If the officer is white and the suspect black, get ready for the black lives matter and old Rev Al Sharpton to show up and protest.


Nope because he’s a smart cop and he shot him in the leg. See, so many of you just are not getting it. The understanding of what people are complaining about completely escapes you.

Rich in MB

Cops are not trained to “shoot people in the leg” only in a liberal utopia or North Korea does that happen.


“a liberal utopia or North Korea” wtf are you smoking?

So you support extra judicial execution in the field before a trial, just like North Korea ? That is a sadistic and fascist concept.

Rich in MB

No…it’s called sarcasm…missed on liberals….


Nope, dumb cop or bad shot.


Lets assume the suspect picked up a rock and threw it at the officers head, then he picked up another rock and prepared to throw it at the officer. Shooting the suspect in the leg was a very reasonable decision. Suspect dropped, rock dropped, everyone goes home. Great job MBPD!


No it’s a good cop, doing a good job who does not kill a human unless absolute necessary. Props to MBPD.

To think burglars throwing a rock or whatever deserve a pretrial death penalty is mental illness. I hope none of your children don’t have a troubled moment and get killed by a overzealous firearm user.

Like that woman in the parking lot shooting at a fleeing shoplifter.

Regularly wishing the death of another is a form of illness.


You’ve never been through any “cop” training then. If someone hit you in the head with an object and you don’t know what it is, then there is a chance he could kill you the next time he hits you. He could knock you out and then kill you. You absolutely cannot shoot someone ON purpose in the leg. If that is the case, tase him. If you pull your gun out you darn well better mean it.

All of you are clueless. I would actually go with the officer trying to shoot him in the torso and just not getting it on target as intended.


If someone is trying to hit the cop in the head with an object, then yes, I wish death on him.


I wish there was an edit button. By “bad” shot, I mean it didn’t hit its intended target. Not too many people are bullseye shooters when in stressful situations. If he TRIED to shoot him in the leg, then he is dumb. I just don’t think he tried to.


Rich, nothing in this story suggests the officer did anything wrong (such as shooting a fleeing suspect).

I don’t think any of us know the racial background of either party at this point….so its EXTRA pointless to be blowing the racist dog whistle at this point.


Rich, nothing in this story suggests the officer did anything wrong (such as shooting a fleeing suspect).

I don’t think any of us know the racial background of either party at this point….so its EXTRA pointless to be blowing the racist dog whistle at this point.