Perjury case against former SLO officer to proceed

October 16, 2015

justice 2A San Luis Obispo judge ruled Thursday that a criminal case can proceed against a former San Luis Obispo County District Attorney investigator who allegedly lied to a judge in an affidavit while on loan to the Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force. [Tribune]

The California Attorney General’s Office has filed a felony perjury charge against August “A.J.” Santana. During a preliminary hearing Thursday, Judge Donald Umhofer said there was a lot wrong with the affidavit Santana prepared during a 2014 drug case.

In August 2014, Santana was working with the Narcotics Task Force (NTF) on setting up a controlled buy in order to obtain a search warrant. The target of the investigation was suspected drug dealer Tommy Pappas, a San Miguel resident.

During the controlled buy, the confidential informant was supposed to purchase drugs from Pappas and hand them over to Santana. That occurred, according to Santana’s affidavit.

But, members of the narcotics unit who witnessed the incident said the informant’s wife got into the the man’s vehicle before he gave the drugs to Santana. That compromised the control buy because the wife could have provided the drugs.

Sheriff’s investigator Gerald Giese testified the operation should have been called off because it was unclear who actually brought the drugs.

Santana has also been accused of being deceitful about circumstances that took place later in the case.

In Sept. 2014, NTF members followed Pappas while he was driving. When they stopped Pappas, he appeared to swallow something large, a deputy reported.

Other officers, including Santana, served a warrant at the suspect’s home where they reportedly found a small amount of methamphetamine.

Santana then interviewed Pappas. In Santana’s report on the interview, the detective stated Pappas gave him permission to have a doctor pump his stomach.

NTF members took Pappas to the hospital where a doctor pumped his stomach and produced a Ziploc baggie containing 3.8 grams of meth, according to the incident report.

Papas said he did agree to an x-ray, which Santana was needed to look for a possible bullet. He did not give permission for a doctor to pump his stomach, though, Pappas said.

Santana’s attorney said during Thursday’s hearing that he did not believe his client ever intended to mislead a judge.

Santana is no longer employed by the district attorney’s office.

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They do when the honest people learn of it, the State Attorney General’s office and the FBI along with the US Attorney’s Office

The real story is that the D.A. palmed Santana off on the sheriff’s office. The sheriff’s detectives began noticing problems with Santana’s work and when they discovered he had lied, they turned him in to their boss, sheriff Parkinson. Parkinson then sent Santana back to the D.A’s office and told them what he had done.

You got it all wrong, all the corrupt officers and deputies in the Joint task forces when changes names on a regular basis, are ALL assigned to the Sheriff’s Office and it is the Sheriff who is responsible for what they do and don’t do, the ball stops with the Sheriff. NO ONE ELSE

Once your assigned to the SLONET, it all comes under the SLO SO’s office no one else, as one who has provided years of intelligence to the SLO SO’s office I can say under oath the Sheriff’s Office has been the agency liable for all the corruption, bribes, perjured testimony, false evidence and missing evidence. As members of the SLONET et al have all said on wire taps, it is a systemic problem of corruption i remember several times Sheriff Parkinson and his cronies said it all landed in the SLO Sheriffs Dept. those many members are corrupt and dishonest and have committed perjury along with out right false testimony from over 7 LEO’s from several local agencies.

All assigned to the SLONET group, I personally delivered over 100+ items of evidence, photos, license plates, cell records and Numbers along with meetings all over SLO and Santa Barbara counties, surveillance, wiretaps, eavesdropping records, affidavits and so much intell it would feel a truck. 1-1-2015 43 pounds of Heroin (Black tar) came and went to SLO the deputies failed to arrive in time but the Military did, so since there have been over 15 false and fabricated made up cases to all there CI’s to get away there is NO trust in any of the SLO U/C operations NONE On 7-21-15 the Sheriff personally ordered a bogus shake down all were Pen Mic recorded along with the many request by Parkinson for personal favors for $$$, free trips , free UFC tickets and so much more. I have seen a photo with Parkinson with known drug dealers, later the Sheriff told several close personal friend to delete the photos from FB, only problem the Feds have them.

Several U/C staff have been turned in to the State and Feds and low and behold the trickle down effect continues . There is NO trust with the many taks forces or within the many PD’s wait until the Federal Grand Jury completes it’s investigations.

You would all be wise to listen to Scott on this. I know there have been incidents in the past where people have questioned his stories, but he’s not making this stuff up.

That being said Scott.. your writing skills do not help your case. Slow down, organize your thoughts. Just put one accusation per paragraph and then the rest of the paragraph should be the background or evidence for it.

My question is… does it matter that the feds have this? I don’t think they are going to do anything. Some of them are just as crooked.

The local NTF-GTF-SET-SLONET and the many more alleged “Specialized Enforcement Units” pictures of top Law Enforcement members with major Drug Traffickers ” trips to Las Vegas, BIT COIN gambling while on duty, does anyone really think he was the ONLY ONE ? Lying, cheating committing perjury.

Many crimes have been and still are being committed by several LE agencies, covering up evidence, making false statements in reports, lying to Judges, lying to fellow Officers/Deputies . Let’s see Cory Pierce, S. Crammer, Limon, Morris, mcdow, AJ, Vic, Dustin, Macdonald, the LE list of corruption is still long and still going on. Missing evidence, drugs, cash, firearms, the LEO’s in this area still have not learned that they ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW. This Includes DDA’s, Sheriff, Chief of Police and many more…..

FBI informants getting beaten in jail, CI’s giving sex for being let go, snitches being allowed to got free IF they give the LEO’s favors….Officers lying to the public, our community is riff with Corruption and misconduct and it is getting bigger…..I have seen pictures of known drug dealers with top law enforcement officials, getting free UFC VIP tickets ? Then to TOP it all off the various TASK FORCES make a fake, fraudulent, misleading entrapping Facebook using the name of (SUMMER JOHNSON) to encourage use of illicit drugs, sex with minors, and scam over 1,400++ members many are law enforcement, businesses, investors and other U/C staff to encourage illegal activities.

I wonder what the real story is. Cops never get prosecuted for testilying.