CSU faculty vote in favor of strike

November 5, 2015

CSU SealThe Cal State University faculty union has overwhelmingly endorsed calling a strike if CSU administrators do not meet their salary demands.

Late last month, the California Faculty Association (CFA) completed a 10-day strike authorization vote that took place on the 23 CSU campuses, including Cal Poly. More than 94 percent of voters supported authorizing a strike, according to a CFA press release.

Union representatives are demanding a 5 percent salary hike for CSU faculty members with additional increases for years of service. The chancellor’s office is offering a 2 percent salary increase.

There is a $68.9 million gap between the two offers, according to the chancellor’s office.

“We are ready to act if necessary and for as long as it takes,” CFA President Jennifer Eagan said at a news conference Wednesday at San Jose State University.

Strike authorization votes are common during labor disputes, and they do not guarantee a walkout.

Both sides must still complete a fact-finding process, which concludes with a mediator releasing a report on a recommended settlement. After reviewing the report for 10 days, the faculty union can call a strike.

Faculty union officials say their next step is a rally that will take place outside the chancellor’s office in Long Beach on Nov. 17.

In May, Cal Poly faculty members protested the discrepancy in pay between administrators and professors at the university. The Cal Poly faculty union said university spending on administrators increased by 43 percent between 2010 and 2014.

Cal Poly President Armstrong is one of the highest paid officials in the CSU system. Armstrong currently receives a base salary of about $400,000 when including pay he gets from the Cal Poly Foundation.

Armstrong’s pay increased in July when CSU trustees approved a 2 percent raise for campus presidents and other executives in the university system.


Oh come on folks…the students will pay for the increase in faculty pay. It will only take them until they are 58 to pay off their student loans. Just think of those two words together. “Student Loans” we are hip deep folks.


the only people who can strike today are government employees making more than their private enterprise counterparts who have to pair their exorbitant salaries…..merica is done.

Kaiser Bill

Fire them and replace them with qualified teachers who will replace them.

Most humanities professors are far left idiots anyway. The engineering and AG Profs should probably be retained however.

Jorge Estrada

This is great news! Allowing the students time to re-evaluate their work study options could ripen into virtual classes which will cut their graduation debt. Antiquated class room options are doomed and funding them will become an embarrassment to higher learning. Unfortunately the teachers will loose out to the administrator’s benefit, while at the same time, funding poor representation.



“Hey, administrators, you guys are even MORE over-paid than we are! That’s not fair! WE want to be even more over-paid, too!”


The same thing should be done that Reagan did with the air traffic controllers…fire them all!


Reagan’s firing of air traffic controllers was the start of the decline of quality of life in the USA. Except of course for the 1%ers. It is amazing Pelican that you would write that today. Thankfully you are in the minority. The restoration of the middle class will begin with Clinton’s election.


Let me guess..you also believe in the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and that Bill “did not have sexual relations with that woman?”


I agree with most of the first part of what you said, but do you really believe Clinton will change the status quo? She’s bought and paid for, and beyond the trivial platitudes coming out of her mouth, her record is abysmal. She would only amount to a continuation of politics as usual.