Martin Tangeman elected presiding judge

November 5, 2015

justice 2The judges of the San Luis Obispo County Superior Court voted unanimously Friday to elect Martin Tangeman as presiding judge and Barry LaBarbera as assistant presiding judge. Tangeman and LaBarbera will began their two-year terms on Jan. 1.

The California Rules of the Courts require a presiding judge for courts that have two or more judges. The unanimous vote continues a long-standing trend in which judges vote in the incoming presiding judge, including Judge Dodie Harman in 2013 and Judge LaBarbera in 2011.

Gov. Gray Davis appointed Tangeman to the superior court in 2001. Before his appointment, Tangeman spent 23 years as a lawyer practicing civil law. Tangeman also sits on the California Judicial Council.

Gov. Pete Wilson appointed LaBarbera to the bench in 1998. In the 12 years before his appointment, LaBarbera served as the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney.

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It really doesn’t matter who is on the bench. All government in SLO County is owned by the Oll’ Boy Clique.

Marty is a nice guy and the smartest judge on the bench, but he was wanting to leave the bench and move to Italy to teach.

Apparently, he has found renewed interest in his duties.

Judge Michael Duffy was nominated at first, but demurred, saying it cut into his three martini lunches.

That is baloney !!!! He is a good man and Great Judge .

He still has a DUI on his record and his returned the favor by dismissing the case against the CHP officer who was arrested for DUI. There was also the farce of the John Ryan Mason firefighter trial, which Duffy presided over where Mason got off Scot free after braining a guy in a bathroom.

Tangeman is smart, polite and pleasant. What a concept !

Tangeman is also part of the Good ol boy network. He was Alex Madonna’s lawyer for 25 years.

It does not get more good ol boy network in slo county then to be Alex’s lawyer.