MindBody revenues up, losses continue

November 5, 2015

MindbodyMindBody, a world leader in software for the health and wellness industry, reported that revenue increased 48 percent to $26.1 million in the third quarter of 2015 when compared to 2014. The San Luis Obispo based company also reported a loss of $9.6 million or 25 cents a share.

Losses in the third quarter of 2015 were lower than the $11.4 million reported in 2014. Mindbody has approximately $100 million in cash and no debt.

In July, MindBody went public at $14 a share and raised more than $100 million the first day to help fuel expansion plans. On Nov. 4, shares closed at $15.04 down from a high of $17.30 on Oct. 13.

“Our business continued to deliver excellent results in the third quarter, with record revenues, subscriber growth and improving margins year over year,” said Rick Stollmeyer, co-founder and chief executive officer of MindBody.


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I would bet the CEO’s and other upper level managers salaries didn’t take a equivalent loss of 9.6 million, sounds like a government run business


Mindless bodies…..losing $10M a quarter……hmmm….$100M in the bank…..they will be out of business soon.


I know someone who did an internship here. She said they burned through employees at an unbelievable rate. That’s never a good indicator of a healthy business.


i know a guy they hired for phone sales. three months into the job he said he had not scored one client….what a waste.


With ” record revenues, subscriber growth and improving margins year over year” they still lost over $9 million in a quarter. That means they need to increase revenue 30% with no additional costs to break even. This is a company on the rise? Anyone who looks at the help wanted knows they are also burning through employees. Kind of looks like the emperor’s new clothes to me.


In the old days, any company that never made a profit went under. But in the new cyber economy, capitalism’s laws no longer apply. They can go on year after year like this, making no profit, and nothing seems to happen except more and more “investor” funds pour in and the CEOs of profitless companies get rich and people look up to them. (Amazon’s a great example of this profitless expansion year after year till now, when they finally make a tiny, tiny profit from time to time.) Very interesting to contemplate what this means for our economy’s future.

On the other hand, if you want to start a small business making widgets, the old capitalist rules still apply — you prosper or you go under.

Does this make any sense?


a world leader in software for the health and wellness industry, reported that revenue increased 48 percent to $26.1 million in the third quarter of 2015


World leader, that does 26m a quarter? That’s not even a state leader. And that loses 9 million on 26 million in revenue? That’s horrible. This company is a drop in the bucket in software. Microscopic. And its future is definitely in doubt.


I don’t know about this company. They seem to have sales people going through the directory cold calling to try and sell their software. They lost 9 million in one quarter right after going public. Lots of scaling to do just to break even.


Your’e right you DON’T know about this company.


it is a pos playing a shell game with a bunch of mindless millenials as their workforce. and i mean fng mindless. all of them running around with their 50,000 strong shirts on – $9M a qtr works out to about $50K a day times two.


Ha, how dare those “millenials” work at any place other than a fast food restaurant or record store?!? I’m sorry to hear all of them running around in their 50,000 strong shirts was so disturbing to your day puttering around the retirement home.

All these comments are quite amusing. This company is providing gainful employment and benefits for over 1,000 local people and all you old curmudgeons want to do is gripe about their financials. So exactly how is them not making a profit negatively affecting your life? Would you rather not have 1,000 gainfully employed people in this county paying taxes, spending money, and improving the local economy?