Gibson, Hill, Tribune got it wrong

November 5, 2015
Dan Carpenter 6

San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter


After observing most of the public hearing including staff presentation, public comment, and deliberation by the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, I believe the majority made the right decision in upholding the appeal of the Planning Commission to allow the dispensary.

Let me be very clear, this is not about the health benefits of using marijuana, but rather about public safety surrounding this brick and mortar location. Regardless of whether all land use/zoning policies are met by the applicant, your elected leaders always have the discretionary authority to deny a project if the safety of the community is at risk.

To not have used it in this case would have been irresponsible.

After listening to the testimony from the most respected law enforcement officials in our community, Sheriff Ian Parkinson, District Attorney Dan Dow, Santa Maria Police Chief Ralph Martin among others, Supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson ignored the safety concerns and digressed to their ideological agendas.

Sheriff Parkinson was very clear about not having the resources to adequately service this area at the fringe of our county if a dispensary were to open. Chief Martin expressed his concern regarding the potential impacts of the dispensary being on the border of his city, and District Attorney Dow illuminated the significant prosecutorial challenges his department would face should this move forward.

Every active or former law enforcement official that spoke, petitioned the board to hold off on allowing this use until the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, recently signed by Gov. Jerry Brown and due to take effect Jan. 1, 2016, is fully implemented with the necessary agencies, information systems, and regulations.

However, Hill and Gibson were salivating at the opportunity to move forward their agenda in spite of the professional testimony and demonstration of facts substantiating the risks. Their denial of the potential safety risks is complete ineptness and a dereliction of duty. It was an embarrassment to see them argue with the experience and professional acumen of our top law enforcement officials.

It’s obvious Hill and Gibson’s support for our pubic safety staff only holds true when they’re in cadence with the Hill/Gibson agenda.

After hours of testimony and common sense rationale from the other three supervisors, Hill and Gibson would still not break ranks from the Tribune editorial staff’s recommendation to allow the use. None of them acknowledged or took into consideration the potential for significant crime in the surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

The Tribune, Hill and Gibson all got it wrong.

Dan Carpenter is a San Luis Obispo councilman and a candidate for the District 3 San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisor’s seat.

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Up here in Newport Oregon we have had zero problems with the dispensaries even after allowing recreational use. I would highly suspect anyone that benefits from the prohibition (police)

Why do we need dispensaries, anyway? Isn’t it legal to grow a few plants for personal use? It’s simple enough, so why wouldn’t a person who needs/wants marijuana just grow their own? I’m sure it’s not because they fear someone would break in and steal from them, because pot doesn’t contribute to crime (sarcasm intended)

In addition to growing a few plants for recreational purposes there are home delivery services for medical marijuana such as Ethnobotonica. No one who has a legitimate right to have medical marijuana is presently deprived.

I don’t want Parkinson to have an excuse to hire more officers. If it is built there will be an increase in crime.

Personally I would like to see marijuana legalized on a federal level.

First, some local cities have banned mobile dispensaries from operating within city limits. This sounds like legitimate patients are being denied access. Second, there is no evidence that crime would increase if a dispensary was built. Do you have some evidence that would suggest otherwise?

I,I,I guess I read it wrong. Because it sounded like a few public servants were there to whine about how much harder their department’s jobs would be if the County was compassionate in allowing a medicine to legally be dispensed here. I guess compassion loses.

These are not compassionate persons we are dealing with.

I have a hard time considering them as people.

They are low-grade, John Bircher A-holes that were dumb enough to be born into skins where they didn’t have to work hard or think much.