Hill won’t address questions; he’s changing addresses

November 27, 2015
Adam Hill speaking at a groundbreaking ceremony for a PB Companies project.

Adam Hill speaking at a groundbreaking ceremony for a PB Companies project.


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill changed the mailing and work address for a consulting company he works for, the same day he received questions from CalCoastNews about inconsistencies between his financial disclosures and a developer’s documents organizing the consulting firm. The changes corrected inconsistencies in a filing made under penalty of perjury.

On Oct. 13, CalCoastNews sent a list of questions to Hill after discovering through government and the developer’s documents that he was moonlighting as a paid consultant for San Luis Consulting, a company tied to PB Companies.

Instead of answering the questions about the use of his position as a county supervisor for the benefit of PB Companies, Hill filed a change of address for the consulting company with the Secretary of State. That new address is Hill’s home address.

John Belsher and Ryan Petetit

John Belsher and Ryan Petetit

John Belsher, 61, and Ryan Petetit, 28, are principals in PB Companies, a real estate investment and development firm which is involved in more than a dozen proposed projects throughout San Luis Obispo County. Hill has actively promoted several developments without disclosing to groups or local governments that he is paid by PB Companies.

On July 10, 2014, Belsher filed articles of organization for San Luis Consulting LLC. The forms list the LLC’s address as 3480 S. Higuera Street, Suite 130— the same address as PB Companies San Luis Obispo office. At that time, Belsher listed himself as the only organizer of San Luis Consulting, a company with more than one manager.

For service of process, Belsher listed his law office at 412 Marsh Street.

In a Feb. 2, 2015 statement sent to the California Secretary of State, Belsher was replaced by Hill as the agent for process of service for San Luis Consulting. Hill also replaces Belsher as the managing member.

However, the principal office address remains the same as PB Companies Higuera Street address.

In Hill’s March 2015 statement of Economic Interest filed with the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission, also know as form 700, Hill writes that San Luis Consulting is a sole proprietorship with a P.O. Box 15248 in San Luis Obispo address. In addition, Hill reported that he was paid $10,001 to $100,000 in 2014 for what he described as “writing, editing, and coaching.” Claims filed under penalty of perjury that conflicted with Hill’s February statement to the California Secretary of State.

On Oct. 13, CalCoastNews emailed Hill several questions about his work for San Luis Consulting: “The 2014 state LLC filing for San Luis Consulting lists Belsher as the only organizer of the company that he reports has multiple managers and is run out of PB Companies office,” the email to Hill says. “On your 700 form you claim it is a sole proprietorship run out of a P.O. box. Why the discrepancy?”

Hill still has not answered that or any of the other questions CalCoastNews asked.

Instead, Hill filed a change of address for San Luis Consulting with the California Secretary of State. Hill changed the business address from PB Companies’ Higuera Street address to his home on Country Club Drive. He also changed the mailing address from his home address to the P.O. Box he listed on his 700 form which he signed under penalty of perjury.

In mid-2014, shortly after Belsher filed Articles of Organization for San Luis Consulting, Hill began lobbying the city of San Luis Obispo to override a ruling by the airport commission that limited development in the flight path because of safety concerns. He did not disclose his business relationship with PB Companies.

The council’s 4-1 passage of the update to the General Plan—known as the LUCE, or Land Use and Circulation Elements—opened the door for Belsher’s $16.5 million project that sits at the intersection of South Higuera and Tank Farm Road, an area known as the SLO Public Market.


Hill’s LLC changes made the day he was asked about filing discrepancies:

San Luis Consulting’s 2014 articles of organization, Adam Hill’s Form 700 and a 2015 statement of information for San Luis Consulting:

slca700rd by CalCoastNews

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Elect Dan Carpenter for District 3 Supervisor.

Oh, the sleaze of it all.

If kamala harris wasn’t so concerned about representing us as a senator she might get off her worthless ass and prosecute these criminals. These guys are simply criminals based upon all these articles. The only thing they have in common is scamming, deceiving and fleecing people. Maybe they can share a cell and play catch and receive all day.

Democrats will not prosecute fellow democrats unless the DNC says it is OK to do so.

I’m a registered Democrat and, if a “fellow democrat” was being prosecuted for any crimes or improprieties, I would back that kind of prosecution.

When you make such foolish blanket statements, you will be wrong.

It was Kamala Harris who pushed for an investigation and prosecution of the City of Bell’s mayor and BOD.

I don’t consider that being evidence of her having a “worthless ass.” Indeed, she waded in and righted a wrong that should have been righted over a decade previously.

Adam looks like a carnival side show barker in that picture. I can hear him now….

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up…I will amaze you, with my wondrous deception, and slight of hand.

Let me introduce you to my able assistant….Dee Dee the Wonder Dog

Adam tells the gathering crowd… My uncle, a balloon ascensionist, Effingham Hoofnagle, took a chance. He was three miles and a half up in the air. He jumped out of the basket of the balloon and took a chance of alighting on a load of hay.

The crowd asks…..did he make it.

Adam reply’s… Uh… no. He didn’t. Had he been a younger man, he probably would have made it. That’s the point. Don’t wait too long in life to change your address.

I don’t think Hill will make it to the election in “electable condition.” He’ll either:

– Be indicted.

– Have imploded due to the pressure.

– Be so loaded down with fetid luggage that no one in their right mind would vote for him.

– Be in jail…

I’m glad you’re so optimistic, but I’m not. Other than the few who read CCN, most of whom are not Hill’s constituents, who knows about this scandal and all the others. The “respectable” media in town don’t touch anything that doesn’t promote the very people Hill’s in bed with, so their readers are both clueless about his corruption and misinformed about his clients. Getting the word out to our massively underinformed electorate is very difficult. The media situation is precisely why our local politics have become so corrupt. When we had an actual daily newspaper, he’d have been hounded out of office by reporting this junk, because they’d have reported the news and the TV and Irrelevant Times would have followed. But not today. Silence and pro-developer propaganda is what passes for “news.”

We’ll see. The game changer in this upcoming election is challenger Dan Carpenter. Mr. Carpenter seems to be smart, hard-working and willing to play hardball. I suspect that’s why Hill is acting like such a fat tub of goo these days…

He’ll get reelected. His sheeple will hold their noses and vote for him. It’s not so much about him as it is about the string-pullers at Dem Central.

Sadly, Racket – you are 100% correct. The majority voters of D3 are true believers or young college students. Adam will be reelected if not indicted. And because Ms. Harris has a campaign on her hands and Mr. Hill has Dem Central in his pocket, she needs the support from this district and will do nothing. So be prepared for four more years and a very puffed up D3 Sup.

With All Due Respect for CCN and those who care about Hill’s scandals…

His Voters don’t give a rats rear end.

They know he is corrupt, but who care…he is Their Corrupt Liberal Progressive.

So like good Liberal Progressive voters they will vote for him again…and again and again.

Thank you sir, may I have another.

I don’t think they know he’s corrupt. How could they when the “media” other than CCN give him a free pass. The voters are simply uninformed. Hill presents himself as a good guy, and the media pass that along to readers. That’s the problem. Hill will admit he lied when he first got elected, pretending to be an enviro. Now he says privately he never was, and people just assumed that. This shows his total lack of integrity, but the voters still don’t know.

I have a feeling your right.

Adam Shill……

This nonsense needs to stop. People of all political persuasions are sick and tired of crooked politicians. We have a choice this time around. Hill and his corrupt and crude ways, or Dan Carpenter, an intelligent, well spoken man who will treat everyone with respect-whether he agrees with them or not. How about it folks-isn’t it time to clean up the 3rd district’s reputation?

Avidreader, unfortunately Hill’s supporters don’t care how crooked he is, they will vote for him no matter what. Same with Hillary supporters.

There are a large number of Americans who will not vote for HRC. The proof of that statement lies in the fact that Dems chose a mostly unknown presidential candidate in 2008 for president…Barack Obama.

I wasn’t happy with Obama’s performance on his promises so, in 2012, I voted for someone else…someone who was not a member of any political party and had zero chance of winning.

My vote is very important to me. I’d rather vote for a person of integrity who is not likely to win the election than to vote for a person lacking integrity who has a chance of winning. I will not support someone who I believe is bad for our country.

Avidreader, 3rd district voters may also consider Debbie Peterson who, like Dan Carpenter, is intelligent and well spoken. She has also proven herself to be tough and relentless in fighting corruption.

She warned us that what the Hill/Gibson-led APCD was up to was an illegal and indefensible waste of public resources. The courts proved her right. She uncovered the incredible level of waste and fraud in the south county sanitation district. I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that when the independent investigator releases his report soon that she will be proven right again.

As a consequence she was targeted for political oblivion by the Hill machine but here she is standing up to them yet again. She deserves very serious consideration by those who still believe that politics and government don’t have to be dirty.