How California congressmen voted on Syrian refugee bill

November 20, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.35.52 PMEight House Democrats from California crossed party lines Thursday and voted for a bill that will make it difficult for the Obama Administration to carry out its plan to resettle refugees from Syria and Iraq in the United States. [LA Times]

The House of Representatives voted 289-137 in favor of a bill that would require the director of national intelligence, as well as the Homeland Security and FBI chiefs to certify that refugees who are admitted pose no security threat. The White House says the requirements are unnecessary and impractical and has vowed to veto the bill, but the legislation passed the House with a majority large enough to override a veto.

All 14 of the House Republicans from California voted for the bill. Thirty-one of the 39 House Democrats from California, including Rep. Lois Capps, voted against it.

The California Democrats who crossed party lines were: representatives Pete Aguilar (Redlands), Ami Bera (Elk Grove), Julia Brownley (Westlake Village), Jim Costa (Fresno), John Garamendi (Walnut Grove), Janice Hahn (Los Angeles), Scott Peters (San Diego) and Paul Ruiz (Palm Desert).

Some of the eight Democrats come from swing districts where the Syrian refugee issue could factor in next year’s election. Several of the Democrats who crossed party lines said the bill offers beneficial security measures.

In all, 47 House Democrats voted for the bill. Only two Republican representatives voted against it.

The White House has proposed admitting at least 10,000 refugees from Syria next year.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, denounced the bill, saying it discriminates against Muslims.

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Thank you, Representative Capps , for voting against this xenophobic hate bill.

Your 47 Democrats and most Republicans are truly putrid wastes of flesh.

Guess you can also thank them for the thousands of hungry,homeless out of work vets,homeless, starving children, bla,bla. Been 8 years of Dem rule and decades of Dem rule in Ca and I see nothing has changed with regard to taking care of our own first. Might I suggest you should turn off KSBY, throw out the trib and step outside to the real world.

If anybody thinks this bill will stop any terrorists from coming into our country you’re having a brain-fart. Our enemies are much smarter than that. They will just find another simple

This bill was passed because an election is coming up. Everyone, or almost everyone, in Congress wants to look good to the public, especially now. I am against the bill. Those people are in a horrible place at a horrible time. Maybe what you’d really like to do is two of you hold a refugee down and torture him or her until you get them to say what you want them to say.

Women generally have better common since than us macho guys so lets ask one of them. When she talks, listen closely, then after she is through talking repeat back to her what you think she said. You’re often wrong, so have her repeat herself slowly so you can understand. If your wife tells you, yes you are listening to me. What she says may determine your future so do what she says.

God Bless you and your families.

Since the illegal/immoral actions of the US are largely responsible for creating refugees in the first place, probably a good idea for the US to take more than all other nations combined. That, and the fact that the US has much more to fear from its own right wing terrorist than from refugees from Syria or terrorists writ large. If the US does not want to deal with terrorists, it should probably stop creating so many of them. The US has more than enough money and resources to deal with homeless veterans, refugees, education, health care and numerous other problems if it so desired… just happens that the wealth of the US has been increasingly concentrated to the few at the top instead of the many of the working class and the poor…. Fascinating to observe so many being convinced to fear that which isn’t fearful…

So you start painting with your large brush of illegal, immoral actions what are these deeds we do?