Nipomo marijuana dispensary shot down

November 4, 2015
SLO Board of Supervisors

Supervisors Frank Mecham, Bruce Gibson, Adam Hill, Lynn Compton and Debbie Arnold


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 Tuesday against a proposed medical marijuana dispensary in Nipomo.

Supervisors Lynn Compton, Debbie Arnold and Frank Mecham voted against the facility primarily because of crime and traffic concerns. Supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson voted in favor of the project arguing that because it was in compliance with land use requirements, it should be approved.

The applicant, Ethnobotanica, is one of more than 100 medical marijuana companies delivering to San Luis Obispo County. Proponents of the proposed brick and mortar pot shop said that some users are uncomfortable having weed delivered to their homes. Supporters also argued that there is a stigma on users because there is not a physical store.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson voiced his opposition to the dispensary because of crime  and law enforcement staffing concerns.

“I do not think the location is something that I can service,” Parkinson said. “It is on the outskirts of my jurisdiction. The response time is not going to be good.”

SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow asked the supervisors to wait until state regulations on marijuana are more established before approving a dispensary in the county.

Both Gibson and Hill argued that if the board did not vote in favor of the dispensary, the applicant could file a costly lawsuit.

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Once again the criminals have won, barring access to the most beneficial drug known to mankind that is completely void of adverse side effects such as those associated with present day pharmaceuticals.

Dow and Parke can’t even keep their own departments clean, see Cory Pierce and AJ Santana and they think they know better. They are no better than Rodney John of the defunct ntf and all his corruption. Our government is so pathetic.

I forgot…what were the Board of Supervisors voting on again?

Absolutely. But then, some of those college parents are rolling in the dough. They might have lined a few pockets so their kids were not driving into some gang infested city where they are at risk. Gotta keep the college kids happy….that is what the whole town revolves around…

Bring that dispensary into town–then you won’t have to worry about response time. And I won’t have to drive far…

Lynn, demand a new BOS photo, and have Mecham stand next to Bozo.

The sheriff does not want a dispensary because it would corner him and require him to issue self-protection Concealed Carry permits to a bunch of potheads.