Power out in parts of Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande

November 30, 2015

powerA power outage in Pismo Beach has caused about 1,707 customers to lose electricity. The outage is also affecting parts of Arroyo Grande.

The center of the power outage is in the Toucan Terrace area of Pismo Beach. The outage began around 6 a.m. Monday, according to PG&E’s website.

PG&E has sent crews to assess the situation. Officials have not yet determined the cause of the outage.

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I was in another country once and they have “brown outs”. This is when the electrical grid starts to fail and random events just….happen. In our “first world country” we have “first world problems”, as evidenced by this even making the news….in many other parts of the world they don’t have power for days or even weeks. We are so, so fortunate here in the US. (Sorry, I am kind of stuck in Thanksgiving)….there is much to be grateful for….all year round!

We have brownouts here too. Remember a couple of years ago during the summer? Rolling blackouts and brownouts?

Just installed my generator and transfer switch. Sorry neighbors, if the power goes out you’ll need to put up with the generator noise for a while.

If you live in Arroyo Grande you might have to be careful, the city council may vote in a ban on generator noise, they seem to be in the “let’s ban things” mood right now. Merry Christmas.

LOL! No, not AG. I will keep it in mind though. However, I think they should vote in a ban on barking dogs first.