San Luis Obispo Forever 21 closing

November 18, 2015

Forever 21Forever 21 in San Luis Obispo is planning on closing its store in the SLO Promenade shopping center on Madonna Road by Jan. 6.

The store will then let go of 72 employees. Those employee will have an opportunity to transfer to other stores.

There are Forever 21 stores in Santa Barbara and Bakersfield.

In 2009, Forever 21 took over the former location of Gottschalks. At that time, the location was the largest of its stores, the company said.

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JcPenney’s or Macy’s please! SLO doesn’t need Dillards or BCF, which treat employees poorly and don’t pay them well.

this is by far the worst looking department store we have ever seen. I hope whoever goes into the space does something about all the broken tiles that are taped over, and the rancid carpet that looks and smells like someone has barfed on. We need a good company in there that sells something for everyone, cares, and is also affordable!

I saw this coming when skinny jeans popularity faded.

But where will the younger generation get their slave-labor-made clothing?

I used to work there, first as the janitor and then in the stock room. Forever 21 does not give 2 flying shits about their employees. They cut everyone’s hours to part-time to avoid having to pay anyone’s health insurance. They were in a multi-million dollar lawsuit with thousands of their employees for violating labor laws in regards to not giving employees proper breaks. They are owned by the biggest group of tightwads in South Korea. I’m surprised the store is even still open right now.

For those posting about the economy:

If you backed away form your keyboard and actually walked around, you might be surprised how many Help Wanted signs are posted. I see them everyday. The jobs lost here are the same as the jobs lost when the store before it closed, and will be the same jobs gained when a new store opens, and are the same type of jobs that you see Help Wanted signs for. I know someone that will his job when this store closes and he isn’t the least bit worried about finding a similar job.

You don’t learn everything form the sensationalized internet news. The is a global economy issue, not just an Obama economy issue. This country is better off job wise than most developed countries. And the 5% unemployment could be inaccurate, but is has been calculated the same way for years, so it works fine as a barometer to compare to previous economies. When I look around at the population of job pool applicants, I can easily see 10% of that population that are unfit for most jobs, whether physically, mentally or socially. I think the biggest unemployment problem is that we have too many people that are unfit to work.

The Forever 21 crowd is no longer interested in brick’s and mortar. Like every other aspect of there lives they are bound by an electronic collar.

Forever what?

Forever Gone.

No problem really, remember how great our economy is, unemployment is only 5%.