SLO man killed in fight with roommate identified

November 18, 2015
Charles Chad Giese

Charles Chad Giese

A San Luis Obispo man who died in a confrontation with his roommate on Monday has been identified as Walter Ernest Vallivero, 54. Charles Chad Giese, 40, allegedly killed Vallivero.

Shortly before 8 a.m., San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a suspicious death at a home in the 600 block of Rancho Oak Driver, which is located in a trailer park south of the airport. When deputies arrived, they found the body of Vallivero, who died from blunt force trauma.

After a brief investigation, deputies determined Giese and Vallivero began arguing on Sunday. The argument escalated, and Giese allegedly murdered his roommate. Investigators have not released further details.

Giese is currently booked in San Luis Obispo County Jail without bail on a murder charge, according to the sheriff’s office website.

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Guess it’s o.k. for you to make fun of the clairvoyant? Hypocrite.

Fallacy ad hominem.

No Fallacy

In regards to your reply to Pelican 1 or maybe you forgot? Remember I have free speech according to some here.

I say that knowing there are rules to follow here. Making point. You are doing a lot to others here and I think it isn’t fair to jump them and then do same yourself.

Attacking (ad hominem) would be without merit or point or name calling. I don’t see where I am doing that.

It is o.k. to agree to disagree. I was making observation.