Suspects hide out in Santa Barbara restaurant bathroom

November 28, 2015

La SalsaA pair of suspected car thieves led police on a chase before fleeing the vehicle and barricading themselves in men’s bathroom at the La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill on State Street in Santa Barbara.

At about 8:30 a.m., an officer noticed a car run a red light and pulled the vehicle over. Shortly afterwards, the vehicle sped away leading officers on a chase that ended when Christopher Hernandez, 20, and Ana Chavez, 20, abandoned the car and fled towards the Five Points Shopping Center.

The manager of the La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill later informed officers the couple had locked themselves inside the men’s restroom. Officers were able to talk Chavez and Hernandez into surrendering.

Inside the toilet, officers discovered drugs the suspects were attempting to flush.

Officers then arrested the couple and booked them into the Santa Barbara County Jail. Both Hernandez and Chavez face multiple charges including obstructing or delaying an officer and drug possession.

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Ah poop.

hahaa that’s funny. above is a response to agag1

People have said something similar about every immigrant group that has come to the states over the last 250 years.

When my grandfather came to the US at 19, he was sponsored by a family member already here. He didn’t sneak in, his papers were in order.

I will always remember his stories about seeing the Statue of Liberty upon his arrival in New York. After many weeks on a boat, he and others were ill and very weak. But they knew that if they weren’t healthy enough to disembark under their own power they would be sent back on the next ship. Not everyone was allowed entry, nor were they allowed to stay. There was no free ride.

He learned the language and loved this country which gave him the opportunity for a better life. People of his generation didn’t come here with their hands out, they came ready, willing and able to work hard. He embraced life in America, and was so proud the day he became an American citizen. The same can not be said of a lot of those arriving illegally these days.

Above is response to JimF

My great grandfather was awesome too but people spoke negatively about the irish until just a few decades ago. Everyone who has ever bashed an immigrant has stories about how awesome their ancestors were when they were immigrants. The story you provided focuses on an individual (and i’m sure he was a great guy), but i’m willing to bet that the cultural group your grandfather belonged to was also belittled by “natives” espousing their own moral superiority. Maybe you, like those who prematurely judged your grandfather’s group, are being too quick to derogate immigrants today. Culture and mindset are important, but they are products of economic opportunity more so than they are causes. Groups lift themselves up and culture improves when economic conditions are right and their “potential” is demanded.

Stupid criminal nominees.

They were eventually flushed out!

Should have flushed the perps ….. gone for good.