Vote on Paso Robles water district scheduled

November 11, 2015

water moneyProperty owners and registered voters in the Paso Robles groundwater basin will vote early next year on whether or not to form a water regulatory district.

On Tuesday, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors scheduled three separate vote-by-mail elections, all for March 8. Property owners and local voters will vote first on whether they support the formation of a water district, then on who should serve on the district’s board of directors and lastly on whether or not to approve a parcel tax to fund the district.

A simple majority vote is needed to form the district. The parcel tax requires a two-thirds vote to pass. The parcel tax would reportedly raise about $1 million annually over the next five years.

County staffers said Tuesday state law requires that elections be held on the water district whether or not the supervisors authorize them.

At the conclusion of a day-long hearing, the supervisors voted 4-1 to call the elections. Supervisor Debbie Arnold dissented. Arnold has consistently opposed the formation of the district.

Supervisor Lynn Compton also opposes the formation of the groundwater district. Compton said she voted in favor of the elections because of the state mandate and in order to give the people a vote.

Public commenters largely spoke against the formation of the district during Tuesday’s board hearing.

Opposition to the water district has been growing in recent weeks. Ahead of a vote last month, the Local Agency Formation Commission received more than 1,000 letters opposing the district.

The supervisors also voted Tuesday on the boundaries of the proposed water district. The district will include much of North County east of Atascadero, Paso Robles and Templeton.

Supervisors approved the boundaries on a 3-2 vote with Arnold and Compton dissenting. Arnold said state water officials may not accept the boundaries and could force the county to change them.

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“Property owners and registered voters in the Paso Robles groundwater basin will vote early next year on whether or not to form a water regulatory district.”

There is already an agency to manage our water in the county, the “Flood Control and Water Conservation District Zones” run by the County of San Luis Obispo Public Works Dept…

This just another attempt by government to grow government at tax payers expense.

Another agency with more employees and managers.

Santa Margarita is now being hit with a 30+% rate increase because of bad planning and oversight by the County Public Works Dept. All the reserves are now gone because of poor planning on existing loan debt and their own failed projected income from water use sales to cover that debt. They have been dipping into the reserves to pay for operations and maintenance based on poor judgement and the fact that everyone has been conserving water in Santa Margarita for over ten years(as the right thing to do by the citizens), they want to raise the price of water.

Vote NO on this and tell your neighbors to do so as well…

As you go to the polls, ask yourself this….do you want more government bureaucracy that is proven to be expensive, ineffective, inefficient and without any sense of reality?

Now go out and vote!

Good point Pelican! We really cannot afford to let the County stay in charge like they have been. Just watching one BOS meeting will prove that. One vote for the District!

A PERSONAL ATTACK ON RURAL AMERICA is what the threesome logic on the Board of Supervisors accomplished by their majority vote to tax someone else. It’s just that simple, they supported the discussion to create new pockets that will control Rural America by potentially affording the cities a leverage over the right to farm. So they say let the people vote and vote we will, again, again and again.

Looks like the “good ol’ boys,” i.e., Team Adam Hill/Wagstaffe were able to pull down the late Aaron Wynn’s video of Charles Tenborg illegally dumping PG&E’s hazardous waste at Cold Canyon Landfill. Here is an edited version, please watch, share, and like.

Team Adam Hill, PG&E’s Tom Jones, and Kerr Wagstaffe’s James Wagstaffe, are trying to make this reality go away instead of cleaning up the mess. Worthy news for a retired documentary filmmaker to come out of retirement for. Wait until you see the video testimonies of Tenborg’s former employees.

I know for a fact that Charles Tenborg got caught several times dumping pg&e’s haz mat dirt in the back of cold canyon landfill.

Hello Mr. Tracer, will you discuss it on camera?

Damn right I will. How do I reach you?

Just when you think the “Good Ole Boys” can’t get any dirty, nastier or corrupt, they come up with a plan to make the new water district smaller where the votes they need will be to pass this, then next year when the State says to the boundaries and they must expand based on the original plan, the district will have been passed, board selected, rates established and the new members will be sent a “Thank You Bill for Payment” for being stupid to allow this. Corruption at its best!

It strikes me as funny that the opponents of the district, who by and large see the state as an adversary, want to use it’s broad brush 1980 basin vs a locally determined boundary based on science and studies. Also, if SLOBIRD’s premise were true, would not the perp’s gladly exclude those requesting to be, as this would help the passing of the district? Maybe SLOBIRD is afraid a local district may question SLO’s water grab in Santa Margarita Lake..