Atascadero planner mocks the public on Twitter

December 16, 2015


Over the past four years, an Atascadero planner has made a series of negative comments on Twitter about people who speak during public meetings, the homeless, old people, churches and several public officials he calls teabaggers. These tweets are regularly made during the work day or while Alfredo Castillo is attending public meetings as a paid city planner.

During public comment at a city council meeting several years ago, Steve Weiss, a member of the Ohr Tzafon, thanked the Echo Homeless Shelter for allowing members of the synagogue to participate in feeding the homeless.

“We are not special, we’re special when we help these people,” Weiss said.

Castillo responded by tweeting about Weiss, “A man just stated ‘we are not special.’ I am angered, I am special and entitled.”

Castillo has tweeted multiple comments about the homeless. For example, “Yes…This one brought show and tell! Nothing riles the community like a homeless shelter meal program.”

In September, Castillo tweeted about the American’s with Disabilities Act: “Uggh, why does ada always become an issue. ‘I am tired of helping others less fortunate then me.’ ”

Castillo told CalCoastNews that he regrets making the tweets. He said that the posts are not how he feels, they are meant as jokes and sarcasm.

“It was just stupidity,” Castillo said. “So many people get upset at these programs. I am an activist for the homeless.”

Castillo has also tweeted from the city’s administrative offices during the work day about management at the Refuge Church “thinking they can do whatever they want.” The comment was in response to the church attempting to get a permit to modify their parking lot.

Another workday tweet, included a pornographic drawing of a Latino man having anal sex with the statue of liberty.

When asked about posts Castillo made from city offices, Castillo said that he only tweets during his breaks.

“That is my own personal time,” Castillo said. “I am allowed a 15 minute break.”

Nevertheless, shortly after CalCoastNews contacted Castillo, he removed many of the controversial posts from Twitter.

Several Atascadero residents questioned if Castillo is impartial when performing his job because of the tweets he posts.

“I have no agenda,” Castillo said. “When it comes to my job, I am unbiased.”


That is horrible. It doesn’t sound like he is working for the benefit of the people of the City. I remember that speech made by Steve Weiss on feeding the hungry. It was very compassionate and caring. It’s incomprehensible why Castillo would mock a person speaking on behalf of he least among us. I can’t imagine why that would be a joke. Pornography? At work? Good to know who is making decisions in Atascadero. :(


Another “public servant” that has totally forgotten who he works for. This trend needs to end!


2011–2014 salaries for Atascadero

Alfredo R Castillo

$89,574.72 a year.


If he was a white person of European decent he would have been put on payed leave already while the paper work was being processed for his termination.


Which begs the question. His attitudes and behavior had to have been noticed by his supervisors. Does the City Manager support his beliefs and behavior?


Start the termination process, this guy has got to go.


Will never happen, welcome to the public sector, where incompetence is rewarded, and pensions last forever.


Who does he work for?


Castillo says:

“It was just stupidity,” Castillo said. “So many people get upset at these programs. I am an activist for the homeless.”

A typical passive/aggressive comment. He takes responsibility in one sentence, then justifies his comments in the second.

It’;s time these government offices realize that they have trophy jobs – all at the taxpayer’s expense. There are many qualified people in the community with much more savvy and sense than Castillo. Castillo’s comments are grounds for termination.



I realize the left doesn’t want to understand limited government types like the Tea Party folks. However, to use derogatory and nasty terms like teabagger, shows a total lack of class and immaturity on the part of Alfredo Castillo. And the fact he states “I have no agenda” mocks the citizenry yet again and also shows his total contempt and disdain. He should be removed from representing the people of Atascadero.

Rich in MB

Hey…if the IRS can go after evil Tea Party folks with impunity…why can’t a Government hack in A Town? He should lose his job for this…but we all know he won’t….because his opinion of the Voters is shared by those in power in A Town.

Rich in MB

You have to start understanding how the Machine in Government view the Tax payers/Voters. We are laughed at, ridiculed, lied to and thought to be too dumb to actually be informed. It is the classic Animal Farm situation where some pigs are more equal than others, as can been seen by the better pensions, pay, and benefits package.

They know what is best for us and we should just stay at home and let the experts do what is best for the little people.

This is why conservatives want a smaller Government because we understand this Animal Farm situation of the elected over lords and know that the only way to minimize it is the limit the size, scope and reach of Government at all levels. Power Corrupts is so true even in the small down of Pot Hole.


Rich! You give some of the best answers on this site, and this was another zinger! So damnably true.

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