Los Osos woman killed in crash in Paso Robles

December 16, 2015

wrong wayA 26-year-old Los Osos woman was killed in a head-on crash crash with a woman driving the wrong way on Highway 101 in Paso Robles on Wednesday morning. Two other people sustained major injuries and a third person suffered minor injuries.

Shortly after 3 a.m., Lindsay Faye Matzie was driving a Toyota southbound on the highway with two passengers when she crashed into a Ford headed northbound in the southbound lane. A Paso Robles resident, 22-year-old Lauren Aldrete, was driving the Ford.

When emergency responders arrived at the scene, they found all four people trapped in the vehicles, according to a city of Paso Robles news release. Firefighters used the jaws of life to to extricate three people in less than 20 minutes.

Responders pronounced Matzie dead at the scene.

Ambulances transported two patients with major injuries to Sierra Vista Medical Center and one with moderate injuries to Twin Cities Community Hospital, according to the Paso Robles news release.

The alleged wrong-way driver is facing charges.

Aldrete was arrested, according to the CHP. The news release does not elaborate on the arrest.

Officials have not yet announced a cause of the collision. CHP investigators have not ruled drug or alcohol impairment as contributing factors.

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At the end of the article is says “CHP investigators have not ruled drug or alcohol impairment as contributing factors.”

Spike strips on on and off ramps to prevent wrong way drivers. Modern technology could accommodate emergency vehicles needing wrong way access.

Uber is the drinker’s best friend. Subscribe as an app on your phone, and you can always get a ride home. You are automatically billed via a credit card. Then get a ride to pick up your car the next day by calling Uber.

Yes, we have Uber in Paso and Atascadero.

Just two nights ago while we were out doing some Christmas shopping we had to call the CHP to stop an obvious drunk or impaired driver. Heading southbound on the 101 thru Atascadero he was all over the road and finally hit the center divider. CHP nailed him before he could do worse damage. Be careful folks watch out for the drunks.

Tragic loss of an innocent life. Lindsay was a beautiful young woman. She leaves behind her loving family and her twin sister. To the Matzie family; the Lord bless you, comfort you, and strengthen you during this most difficult time in your lives.

The Lord bless and heal the innocent passengers whom were with Lindsay at the time of this tragic accident.

To the young woman who caused this tragedy and her family; The Lord bless and hold you also.

To those who wish to drink alcohol. Do it in the safety of your home. Once you start, don’t get into your car and drive for any reason. Even if you “think” you are fine, you aren’t.

So sad. May there be love for the Matzie family.

We need stronger alcohol and automobile laws. That would prevent future tragedies such as this.

May the full book be thrown at her for driving the wrong way on a highway that is so clearly marked and divided. What pain she has caused by needlessly and recklessly

killing an innocent person can never be fully understood – good by Xmas for the Matzie family

Since the killer is still alive, the authorities should find out where she was coming from

and who she was with and what she was doing – then throw the entire book at anyone that let her leave and drive away..

I partially agree, the book should be thrown at her, and if she at a bar or other establishment that sold her drink after drink, but never lose sight of the fact that this her decision to keep drinking and by no means should any her responsibility be shifted to some else. We have way to much that the “shifting blame game” going on.

The worse of all possible situations, I pray for the families; however, before we tar and feather anyone, would it not be best to glean the facts. The whole picture needs to be made clear, without embellishment or censorship, before any call for throwing the book at anyone.

Screw that! She was driving the wrong way on the freeway! Through the book ANDE more at her. Sheeesh.