Atascadero planner mocks the public on Twitter

December 16, 2015


Over the past four years, an Atascadero planner has made a series of negative comments on Twitter about people who speak during public meetings, the homeless, old people, churches and several public officials he calls teabaggers. These tweets are regularly made during the work day or while Alfredo Castillo is attending public meetings as a paid city planner.

During public comment at a city council meeting several years ago, Steve Weiss, a member of the Ohr Tzafon, thanked the Echo Homeless Shelter for allowing members of the synagogue to participate in feeding the homeless.

“We are not special, we’re special when we help these people,” Weiss said.

Castillo responded by tweeting about Weiss, “A man just stated ‘we are not special.’ I am angered, I am special and entitled.”

Castillo has tweeted multiple comments about the homeless. For example, “Yes…This one brought show and tell! Nothing riles the community like a homeless shelter meal program.”

In September, Castillo tweeted about the American’s with Disabilities Act: “Uggh, why does ada always become an issue. ‘I am tired of helping others less fortunate then me.’ ”

Castillo told CalCoastNews that he regrets making the tweets. He said that the posts are not how he feels, they are meant as jokes and sarcasm.

“It was just stupidity,” Castillo said. “So many people get upset at these programs. I am an activist for the homeless.”

Castillo has also tweeted from the city’s administrative offices during the work day about management at the Refuge Church “thinking they can do whatever they want.” The comment was in response to the church attempting to get a permit to modify their parking lot.

Another workday tweet, included a pornographic drawing of a Latino man having anal sex with the statue of liberty.

When asked about posts Castillo made from city offices, Castillo said that he only tweets during his breaks.

“That is my own personal time,” Castillo said. “I am allowed a 15 minute break.”

Nevertheless, shortly after CalCoastNews contacted Castillo, he removed many of the controversial posts from Twitter.

Several Atascadero residents questioned if Castillo is impartial when performing his job because of the tweets he posts.

“I have no agenda,” Castillo said. “When it comes to my job, I am unbiased.”


While it is pretty easy to see this guy is a douche, should we judge people who have opinions? I agree with him that the ADA, while intended for good, is a terrible piece of legislation and has done more harm than good over the last 20 years or so. Is it a crime to point things like that out now?

He was also correct that the public often loves to see something being done for the homeless; he just used sophomoric language befitting his capabilities. Being tired of helping others less fortunate is not healthy, spiritually. If any part of this whole piece should be focused on it is this. When we tire of doing good works; when we fail to see the benefits of said works to our souls, well… that’s a whole other discussion.

The “angered and entitled” bit was no different than any other progressive group. Basically, anyone who is not male/white/conservative/Christian is made to feel entitled, are they not? He’s just expressing what he’s being fed. The fact that he completely missed the important half of the message (we are made special by helping others…) is not surprising.

If anything, this guy lacks any kind of professionalism, but he’s a public servant. A bureaucrat. They often lack in the professional department; well, they may have their own version of it that differs from the productive world.


“Should we judge people who have opinions?”

When they a) work in positions of public service, b) their opinions go against what is beneficial to the public which they are servicing, and c) WE are paying their fat salary, YES we should judge them!!

Speak to some locals who have had the “pleasure” of dealing with Alfredo at the city. You’ll hear the same things. He has a God complex. He’s rude. He’s arrogant. He speaks down on people. There is NO excuse for his behavior. A person cannot lack professionalism AND be an effective public servant.


So, he’s a planner. Rude, God complex and arrogant goes with breed.


Yes, we should judge opinions. Opinions are a window to the values of a person. Values lead to behavior.

The values for an ethical person would include characteristics like self-control, wisdom, justice, kindness, and integrity.

Castillo’s opinions indicate a lack of values that are required for a leadership position in Atascadero.

His obvious behaviors, like making hateful comments on citizens as they speak at public meetings, and posting porn while at work would seem bad enough. However, what is even more concerning to me are his behaviors in the planning position that affect the well-being of the citizens of Atascadero. I shudder to think of his influence when dealing with those he disparages; the disabled, the poor, the elderly, the churches, conservatives, and more. These behaviors can be hidden.


r0y, I agree with you 100% in regards to the ADA. I don’t necessarily disagree with the rest of your post but my first impression is that Al is/was joking, just like he said.

He did respond to a CCN inquiry and state that he used poor judgement (considering his position) and he apologized for it. I think he’s funny and his sense of humor is none of our business unless it effects his work duties. It doesn’t sound like he does enough tweeting during work hours to exceed his 15 minute personal breaks. What I take exception to, if anything; is all this PC crap that people like to spout off about as if we aren’t entitled to our opinions and our own humor.

The PC freaks need to stuff it.


Personal attack deleted, less about each other.


If this is what he is posting publicly on social media, just think of the influence and manipulation he leads behind closed doors. It’s time Alfredo gets kicked off his high horse power trip and be held accountable for his torment of our residents. The city is required to provide their internal correspondence upon request. Wonder what kind of scandal that would unleash…or cover up, perhaps…


Another person that has obviously never bothered to learn that EVERYTHING you put on a device connected to the internet (And that includes phones) is NOT PRIVATE and can be seen by the whole world. This is a failure of our learning institutions, and should be taught in grade school.


It is quite clear to me that the reason we are seeing so much of this kind of activity is because public employees have TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS.

It’s time to stop this waste, fraud, and abuse.


It’s the Stupidity Defense again. It’s only a matter of time before the California Judicial Council writes it into the civil and criminal jury instructions. “It was just a stupid mistake when I made fun of half the people I’m paid to serve.” “It was just a stupid game when I made threats that terrorized teachers and students and resulted in an elementary school being closed for weeks.” “It was just stupidity when I bashed my girlfriend’s head through a window.” Stupidity makes everything all right. Re-elect President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.


That defense only applies to people on the left, it seems. For people on the right, I noticed it no longer is a defense, but an accusation. Just an observance.


Right (no pun intended). Let’s start with Mark Sanford just off the top of my head.


Welcome to Atascadero….


Total Jerk. Termination should be immediate.


“I have no agenda” other than to mock all the residents he is supposed to be representing and advocating for?

It sickens me that WE PAY this guy to sit there and ridicule nearly everyone in our community during his “15 minute break” (yeah, right).

“When it comes to my job, I am unbiased.” He certainly is unbiased, folks; he’s contemptuous about the homeless, the disabled, the elderly, political groups, religious groups, oh, and those who serve others (wait, isn’t serving others supposed to be HIS job??) Let’s not forget to throw in some anti-patriotic pornography, too!

Time for this guy to be “relieved” of his job so he can find one where he doesn’t have to work with/for all these people he despises. Gross.


He should be terminated immediately. However I`m sure his union will go to any length to back and support him regardless of the circumstances. No doubt he will be moved and promoted as is the norm with public employees. Sad.