CMC blames inmates for sewage spill

December 23, 2015

CMCshadowCalifornia Men’s Colony inmates caused a 72,000-gallon sewage spill by throwing trash in toilets, a CMC spokesman said. [Tribune]

On Dec. 18, raw sewage spilled at the Men’s Colony after a backup in a sewer line located on Camp San Luis Obispo property led to a rupture. Prison officials initially said 85,000 gallons of sewage spilled.

CMC spokesman Henry Cervantez said inmates will throw anything in the prison toilets. The trash that caused the sewer line to rupture included ketchup and mustard packets, trash bags, pieces of bed sheets and a set of dentures.

Laurie Salo, a supervisor with the San Luis Obispo County environmental health services department, said much of the sewage spilled was diverted down another sewer section. However, some of the sewage spilled into Chorro Creek, which flows to the Morro Bay Estuary.

The county environmental health services department estimates 6,000 gallons spilled into Chorro Creek. CMC’s business services department estimates about 10,000 gallons spilled into the creek.

Salo said rain helped dilute the sewage spill. The biggest threat as a result of the spill is direct exposure to bacteria, Salo said.

The Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board is investigating the spill and determining what enforcement actions, if any, to take.

Matt Thompson, an engineer for the water board, said in 2005 that prisoners would flush blankets down toilets in attempt to cause a sewage spill. They would use blankets as weapons against the prison, Thompson said.

Jeff Appleton, a supervisor at the CMC sewage treatment plant, is a former chief plant operator at the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District. Appleton was chief plant operator in 2010 when between 380,000 to 3 million gallons of raw sewage spilled into Oceano neighborhoods, beaches and the Pacific Ocean.

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Sounds familiar dosent it. Somebody else’s fault, and oh, it really wasn’t that big and Jeff Appleton as a supervisor. Wallace the administrator or an inmate there?

Inmates have been flushing blankets down the toilets along with anything else that comes to mind for years.This not a new thing and is a poor excuse at best.Were there spills when the Inmates would flush blankets and then keep flushing to flood the tier in Ad-seg? No but nice try.

Bad Apple

Incarcerating 25% of the worlds population isnt cheap.

Surely, after spending millions updating that plant

, the piping had a back-pressure measuring system to avoid overflow before it happens.

Perhaps someone was asleep in the monitoring station.


If Hearst Castle can use porta potties, why not CMC too? They can save water like everyone else.


If the inmates flush their woobees, do they get new ones?

I am sure there is some group of activists who would bitch and complain if the culprits were not issued a new blankee. In the mean time the taxpayers are saddled with more costs related to inmate stupidity.