ISIS connection in San Bernardino shooting

December 4, 2015

San Bernardino shootingInvestigators believe there is a connection to ISIS in the San Bernardino shooting that killed 14 people and wounded 21 others on Wednesday. [CNN]

Just before the attack, Tashfeen Malik, the 27-year-old female shooter, posted a pledge of allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Facebook. The posting was made on an account with a different name.

Investigators believe the attack was inspired, but not directed by ISIS, according to CNN. The shooting is possibly a case of self radicalization.

In previous ISIS inspired attacks, ISIS has asked attackers to make postings in support of ISIS on social media.

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There have been 355 mass shootings (more than one person killed) in this country since the begining of the year, sometimes more than one per day, perpetraited by our own brand of ‘Murican nut jobs. Many of the perps are young guys who don’t feel they are getting enough female attention, apparently. And several don’t like the color or religion or some other detail of other peoples lives that makes them feel that they should rightfully go completely crazy with automatic weapons to “show” us.

But not a peep from you guys. I’m sorry, but the home grown crazies are scoring way higher than the imports at this point, and not one of ya’ll thinks they require any special measures whatsoever. Mostly you cower and snarl at the thought that someone will use it as an “excuse” to “take your guns away”, etc. As if that were the sole aim of the current administration.

If diversity means that there wll be some people around who think differently than you do, cool. I am more than ready. Many of the refugees who come to this country are highly educated, nurses, doctors, dentists, engineers, scientists, artists, musicians, chefs, skilled craftspeorons, mechanics, etc. A major portion of the bombed out Syrian cities were lovely middle class neighborhoods with professionals and well paid tradespersons living in well kept homes.

When the Sha of Iran fell and the country was radicalized, many people managed to escape with their lives and came to America. They are some of the most educated, cultured and thoughtful people I know. Jet propulsion engineers, doctors, etc., etc. I do not pretend that all refugees are of this same level of culture and refinement, probably not. But they are not just a gang of rabble who are coming to get us, either. Proportionally, in my experience, they are most likely to be more appreciative of what this country has to offer and more peaceful and tolerant than many of those who were born here. Certainly more so than anyone posting here.

Anyone who thinks that a war, or a candidate who promotes war is a good idea should spend a couple of mandatory years on the front lines. As for “unleashing nuclear capabilities without reservation”, that guy is obviously crazier than the people who are the problem and should start with himself.

The sad fact of this whole thing is the FBI knew from a while ago that this was ISIS related and still took the opportunity to intentionally mislead, lie, psy-op us into believing the political narrative that islam is a religion of piece, etc. Heck, I bet they were even going to try calling this workplace violence or something equally silly that only the seriously deranged might still believe.

Here’s how it works in a nut shell: Come out and LIE (mislead, mis-direct, whatever), then let your lackeys in the press spread it. The next day (or week), reveal that you actually did know it was ISIS, lest people think your agency is totally incompetent; basically, issue a page 6 correction to yesterday’s full-front-page story.

By then, everyone’s run with your lie, digested, regurgitated, and re-digested it so much that no one really catches the page 6 correction – and if they do, look at all this press about the lie… damage: done.

Step 1) Lie

Step 2) Simmer

Step 3) Page 6 correction

Step 4) Continue to talk about Step 1.

That’s it. Your FBI. Your DHS. Your government. Your schools. Your media.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

Honestly, who didn’t know it was just a matter of time before this happened?

We can be as accepting and tolerant as we want, those capable of murdering innocent citizens don’t care. The San Bernardino murderers weren’t even on a watch list–how many more like them are living among us?

We are NOT going to make these killers like us, they will not stop.

We’d do well to adopt a do-something strategy, because it’s obvious our current tactics aren’t cuttin’ it.

I heard today from a Andrew Cohen, terrorist specialist, working with Israel, that ISIS gives money to build mosques in the USA and then hand picks the Imam (mosque leader). Then they send over traveling Iman’s to go to these mosque and preach.

In May 2009 our President adopted the Cyberspace Policy producting the Domestic Survelience Program, located in Utah, on the citizenship of America. This program whoch we hear so much about is costing billion$ and billion$ but did not know anything about the Boston Bombers (Tsarnaev Brothers) even after a warning from Russia, knew nothing about San Bernardino Shooters, etc. I would rather see hired, trained and infiltrated uncover agents in the communities for monitor gangs, drugs and terrorist.

We need to stop being PC, take back this Country, and all foreigners need to assismilate into the American way of life. I respect and love their customs, I am not talking about that. You want to live in America you need to respect it and its laws. Look at what is happening in Europe, there are communities that the police cannot enter into because they are self governing with shaira law. What the heck!

And for anyone that missed Loretta Lynch, Attorney General, speaking at Protect Muslins Coalition last night stating how people are overreacting and her job is to protect the Muslins made me ill. Hello, Obama, Lynch, etc. how about protecting ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS, that is your damn job!

How, just how is the FBI going to sanitize THIS report so the President can keep pussyfooting around that JV team known as ISIS?

The FBI and Obama may try to downplay the Moslem connection but the genie is out of the bottle. People are going to stop believing this BS. Obama said while the attacks were happening that America was safe from an ISIS attack!

Diversity sucks.

Apparently you missed the memo that diversity is a strength and what makes America great.

Back to the reeducation camp for you.

But not to worry because the Statue of Liberty was inspired by a Muslim woman right??

Yeah, and what happened in Benghazi was caused by that video…right.


We need to take a lesson from President Harry Truman in ending World War II. Showing real grit and leadership, Truman and his advisers correctly concluded that even if thousands of Japanese civilians had to be sacrificed in dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this seemingly unthinkable strategy would save countless lives in the end. And, not just the lives of U.S. servicemen who were then fighting in the Pacific theater, but by bringing the war to a close quickly also countless Japanese lives as well.

Give fair warning to those who subscribe, follow, support, back, and actively participate in the ISIS caliphate that unless you immediately cease and desist the slaughter of so called “non-believers,” America will unleash it’s nuclear capabilities without reservation.

She was vetted and given a visa to enter this country and Obama wants to bring in 170,000 syrian refugees and Isis has already infiltrated the supposed refugees and one of them committed the Paris attacks.

Is he intentionally trying to destroy our country?


No way! You mean all those crazy folks that said that from DAY ONE about Obama might have been right all along? Maybe in another 3-4 years we’ll realize it… but not now, there’s still plenty of sugar left to coat the turds coming out of D.C.