Atascadero planner mocks the public on Twitter

December 16, 2015


Over the past four years, an Atascadero planner has made a series of negative comments on Twitter about people who speak during public meetings, the homeless, old people, churches and several public officials he calls teabaggers. These tweets are regularly made during the work day or while Alfredo Castillo is attending public meetings as a paid city planner.

During public comment at a city council meeting several years ago, Steve Weiss, a member of the Ohr Tzafon, thanked the Echo Homeless Shelter for allowing members of the synagogue to participate in feeding the homeless.

“We are not special, we’re special when we help these people,” Weiss said.

Castillo responded by tweeting about Weiss, “A man just stated ‘we are not special.’ I am angered, I am special and entitled.”

Castillo has tweeted multiple comments about the homeless. For example, “Yes…This one brought show and tell! Nothing riles the community like a homeless shelter meal program.”

In September, Castillo tweeted about the American’s with Disabilities Act: “Uggh, why does ada always become an issue. ‘I am tired of helping others less fortunate then me.’ ”

Castillo told CalCoastNews that he regrets making the tweets. He said that the posts are not how he feels, they are meant as jokes and sarcasm.

“It was just stupidity,” Castillo said. “So many people get upset at these programs. I am an activist for the homeless.”

Castillo has also tweeted from the city’s administrative offices during the work day about management at the Refuge Church “thinking they can do whatever they want.” The comment was in response to the church attempting to get a permit to modify their parking lot.

Another workday tweet, included a pornographic drawing of a Latino man having anal sex with the statue of liberty.

When asked about posts Castillo made from city offices, Castillo said that he only tweets during his breaks.

“That is my own personal time,” Castillo said. “I am allowed a 15 minute break.”

Nevertheless, shortly after CalCoastNews contacted Castillo, he removed many of the controversial posts from Twitter.

Several Atascadero residents questioned if Castillo is impartial when performing his job because of the tweets he posts.

“I have no agenda,” Castillo said. “When it comes to my job, I am unbiased.”

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If you have ever had to go into to City Hall to talk with Alfredo and you needed help………….you know he is an arrogant little kid who is in the seat of power.

He needs to go………..period…

The only way a government entity would want to get rid of an employee is if the employee told their secrets.

So, does anyone have a link to the Twitter account? I would have expected it to be in the article or comments.

He took it down.

The problem is that it never goes away. And Oh My….He had an AKA…also known as….

Rafael Castillo,AICP on Twitter: “Uggh why does ada always …

Sep 22, 2015 – Rafael Castillo,AICP · @rcplans · Rafael Castillo,AICP · @rcplans. Single Dad, City planner, placemaker, Bay Area Sports fan, chef, Cal Poly …

There’s an old Greek saying, “The fish rots from the head first.”

Castillo would not be insulting Atascadero citizens, in public and on the internet, if the city council had put their foot down on such nonsense the first time he tried it.

Silence implies endorsement.

No Castillo, your “15 minute break” blathering is what took stupid to a new level. You are a representative and a person of huge responsibility who brought shame and discredit to yourself and your peers.

A weak apology followed with the “15 minute break” nonsense are what’s wrong here!

The 2nd Amendment. When will we come together to the realization that this is our only option left?

Our entire gov’t has become Autocratic.

Guns are our only option? Are you insane?

“The 2nd Amendment” is a option to a city employee on twitter? It might of been unprofessional but disagreeing with someone is one thing wanting, to bring guns into it is altogether something else on your part.

Wow. Just wow.

Disagreeing with someone is one thing; mocking them on social media takes it to a level of unprofessionalism that is inexcusable for someone in a political position.

Don’t like hearing about the Americans with Disabilities Act? Maybe he should step down and let someone who cares do his 90+k a year job.

‘While he should not be posting things during work hours, it is very obvious that his posts were sarcasm.




the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

“his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment”

synonyms: derision, mockery, ridicule, scorn, sneering, scoffing;

No, it’s not at all obvious.


Ha, go get ’em, #AlfredoCastillo. People like him are a major part of the American problem. They get paid to be on FB, Twitter etc. He probably has #MartiniLunches. The #AtascaderoCityManager better take a good look at that and as why our taxes are paying him to be discriminatory. Possibly put him on a leave of absence.

Maybe someone should sue him for #ADADiscrimination.