Protect the United States, deny un-vetted refugees

December 21, 2015


As a legal immigrant from Finland and being from a family whose members have been refugees, I have a personal perspective on the refugee issue during the war between Finland and Russia.

First of all, you should note that Obama laid out a template for handling refugees back in 2011 by signing an order to stop processing refugee requests from Iraq for six months. This resulted from an investigation by the FBI which uncovered evidence that several dozen Iraqi terrorists had infiltrated the United States two years earlier. But now Obama claims that to deny admission to refugees even though they harbor terrorists among them does not reflect true American values. So, how un-American was his order in 2011? Obama’s abject hypocrisy stinks.

The basic principle we must follow is that we need to know who is coming here. There is no data base of these mostly Syrian refugees. Without information on them we cannot vet them appropriately. The FBI even admits that it cannot determine who these refugees are, what their background is, or how many terrorists are among them. Consequently, we must first secure our nation against the very real of threat of terrorists being embedded among the refugees.

Russia attacked Finland in 1939 and neighboring Sweden took in thousands of young children from Finland. Of course, there were complete records on all children and their families. Also, nobody in Finland had ever planned to bomb the future host country of Sweden or to behead its citizens if they would not convert to protestant Christianity.

My three older siblings were taken in by three separate Swedish families. The languages are completely different, so the children had to learn a new language and different customs. Some of the young children, including my sister, forgot their mother tongue, did not know their parents anymore, and had another adjustment when they returned to Finland. The separation was difficult for the Finnish families and ended up being difficult for the host families as well when the children were repatriated. But this refugee arrangement was understood to be temporary until the end of the war, about five years later.

The investigation following the Paris murders confirmed that at least one of the attackers had entered Europe as a refugee with a Syrian passport. This in itself indicates a very real risk. Once refugees enter Europe, they can travel to the United States merely with a passport, without a visa. It would be lunacy on our part to grant refugees, or anyone else, entry into the United States if we cannot confirm their background.

Sweden just announced that it was closing its borders to refugees. Norway started to identify the persons crossing its borders. Germany is realizing that it is being overwhelmed by them. And interestingly, refugees in Finland are refusing its food, and some are leaving. Those in Hungary were throwing nutritious food containers to the street. Are they really refugees, opportunists or conquerors?

On the other hand, my wife and I took in a refugee family with three children from Africa. They fled with only five suitcases and left everything else behind. The family stayed with us for almost two years as refugees and they were granted permanent residency status. They are now US citizens. One of the parents is a college professor and the other one a high school mathematics teacher. The children are attending college. We are pleased for them. They were vetted and they came here legally as refugees.

In Europe, the refugees are a mix people from various Middle Eastern countries. The ones from Syria are of course from the safe areas, otherwise they could not have left. The vast majority, over 70 percent, are young men between 18 and 40. They are of military age, many of them having already fought in the Syrian war, who should stay in Syria to fight the radical Muslims and re-build their country. How many of them are terrorists? We simply don’t know. Yet the Syrian ambassador to India, Riad Abbas, commenting on the Paris attacks, stated that perhaps 20 percent of the refugees who went to Europe belonged to ISIL groups.

Their civic upbringing has taught them to not respect women by allowing women’s testimony to be worth only half of that of men. Their political ideology does not recognize democracy. Their government structure does not include separation of powers into executive, legislative and judicial branches. Their religious belief demands submission only to Islam and rejects separation of ecclesiastical from civil powers. And their legal and social systems are wrapped up in Shariah law, every part of which is fundamentally in conflict with the United States Constitution. Their mission in life is to subjugate or kill the infidels, which is anyone who is not Muslim.

No, our sense of sanity and desire to protect America mandates us to deny entry to those who cannot be vetted as well as those whose goal it is to make America Muslim by murdering our citizens and destroying our country of liberty.

Matt Kokkonen is a resident of San Luis Obispo, a legal immigrant from Finland, a graduate of Westmont College and a financial planner on the Central Coast for over 40 years. He is also a candidate for the 24th District Congressional seat currently held by Lois Capps

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Thank you Matt Kokkonen for that excellent article.

Many countries look upon my birth place Canada as being a welcoming country for terrorists, war criminals & the likes of the so-called Algerian ‘refugee’ Ahmed Ressam’s Millenium plot, who was allowed into Canada with a blatantly obvious glued in photo in his phony French passport.

Things have changed a we bit in Canada since that fiasco, but now we face a far different & potentially more dangerous threat in the wake of the Charlie Hebo Attack in France. ‘Freedom Of Speech’.

The Muslim population in our French Province of Quebec are attempting to pass Provincial Legislation (Bil 59) that would essentially criminalize criticism or defamation of Islam, exactly as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC just pushed thru the UN Human Rights Council resolution 16/18 to allegedly quash defamation of Islam.

Many in Canada & USA are at a loss to understand why resolution 16/18 was co-

sponsored by our so-called ally Pakistan & the United States Obama Administration.

The OIC the largest Islamic body in the world made up of 57 Muslim-majority nations & also the Palestinian Authority. At the UN they speak loudly for their Muslim world as they hold the largest bloc at the UN.

How could we not see & understand the Muslim tactic’s when it is was clearly printed in their adopted 10 year Plan of Action adopted in 2005 to criminalize “defamation of Islam” . See section “Countering Islamphobia” (V11).

Is the USA long range plan now to squelch freedom of speech in the near future, because we speak freely of hate against terrorism & outright murder condoned by Islam extremist?

We need to completely vet and limit immigration. We don’t want our home to become a third world country due to overpopulation. Go to LA, it is already happening there. Gate communities for the rich. Double and triple occupancy in bedrooms. Jammed infrastructure. Water shortages. Do you want this to completely takeover SLO? It is already happening. Wake up!

Islam proposes a theocratic state with religious supramacy, which is precisely why they should not be migrating to the USA.

Go ahead … be open minded … trey liberal … the reaction will be even more restrictive. One needs to understand there is a fundamental difference between our society and an Islamic one … they believe a theocracy protects the ummah of believers. The USA believe that a theocracy denies human rights.

Ummah (Arabic: أمة‎) is an Arabic word meaning “nation” or “community”. It is distinguished from Sha’b (Arabic: شعب‎) which means a nation with common ancestry or geography. Thus, it can be said to be a supra-national community with a common history.

It is a synonym for ummat al-Islamiyah (Arabic: الأمة الإسلامية‎) (the Islamic Nation), and it is commonly used to mean the collective community of Islamic peoples. In the Quran the ummah typically refers to a single group that shares common religious beliefs, specifically those that are the objects of a divine plan of salvation. In the context of Pan-Islamism and politics, the word Ummah can be used to mean the concept of a Commonwealth of the Believers (أمة المؤمنين ummat al-mu’minīn).

I remember Einar… a cousin that emigrated from the Old Country: Sweden.

He was tall, about 6’3″, had a brush-cut hairdo and bottle glasses.

Always showed up at holiday feasts, and ate like a hog; but was mostly silent.

The family ‘Lurch’..

One time, my Dad, his brothers, and assorted shirt-tails were discussing how our immigrant ancestors had arrived to America. Most tales were pretty pedestrian.

Someone thought to ask Einar, as he was born in Sweden, and had made his way to America.

Normally silent Einar gave his narrative: ” Vell … I vas in the Svedish Navy. I did not like it. But, vun day I vas down by ze docks, and I vas drinkin’. I got into a big fight vith two others guys, and I killed them.

I figured that vas a good time to go to America.”

So, if you think that immigrants and refugees should not be vetted for terrorism or crimes, give us your reasons, not some family lore about a jerk from your family who “says” he killed two people and then emigrated to the US.

Well, that’s silly. But that’s also partly why I brought this up. Einar was let in to the USA because he had specific skill sets. He was a boiler-room operator …tough work and dangerous. They never asked him if he had ever ‘committed’ any crimes, only if he had convictions or served time. To my understanding, he never became a US citizen.

Thankfully, he never did anything egregious again, to my knowledge; but my GrandDad who was a top cop ( bodyguard for the Governor ) had to bail out einar from the drunk tank every six months or so.

Of course, anyone entering the country legally should be vetted for crimes …and they are almost 100% of the time.

There will be some that fall under the radar; like the woman in San Bernardino and my cousin Einar.

Thanks. You agree that immigrants/refugees should be vetted for crimes before being allowed into the country. I agree that mistakes will be made even with the best vetting system.

In the case of the Syrian refugees, the head of the FBI has stated that these people cannot be vetted because of lack of information. The Wall Street Journal has revealed that fake Syrian passports are being produced by ISIS on equipment they obtained from the Syrian government when they occupied one of their facilities.

In my opinion, we should not allow refugees into the country that are impossible to vet.

Take a good hard look at the last 1000 years in the middle east, and then ask yourself; do I really want to bring that here?

Brought to you ( and us ) by DICK Cheney, george w bush, condoloser rice, wolfowitcz, racist rumsfeld.

Basically, the morally corrupt Republican Party. The ‘Intifada’ royalist warlords that don’t give a damn about anything but money and power.

And how many they can kill and get away with it before they turn to worm food.

I did not realize that American Republicans had been around for thousands of years and were the cause of all strife in the middle east, you sir, have opened my eyes.

You’re welcome. They just went by different names previously.

2,000 years ago, they went by Sadducees and Pharisees. Jesus called them hypocrites.

Our esteemed leader wants too, one can only wonder why.


Damn, don’t you wish that the “chads” didn’t exist in the elections in 2001, where George W. Bush was “appointed,” the presidency by the Supreme Court, instead of “elected,” for this office? Just think if Al Gore was elected instead, whereas, do you actually think he would have taken us to a fraudulent war like “W” did? NO, he would have laughed at the perceived intel, just like Germany and France did.

The invasion of the Mid East by the ever so inept George W. Bush is the impetus of our troubles with Islam today. How George Bush can sleep at night is beyond any logical reasoning.

Like the many T-shirts say; “Arrest Cheney First”

North America and Western Europe don’t want to face the fact the problems faced in the Middle East is about religion. It makes us very uncomfortable to admit that and unless we do sooner rather than later, we’re in for an even tougher time.

I wish the leaders of North America and Western Europe would make the investment of studying the actual history and actions of Islam.

No, …It’s the same old story about money and power: what all wars and power-grabbing criminal cults are really about.

Sure, they’ll exploit ‘religious’ fanaticism for their own distractions and an ample supply of cannon-fodder; but religion is only another means …not an end.

Radical Islam is not about money and power, it is all about religious doctrine. That is the problem with radical Islam, it does not function as westerners think it should. If it was just about money and power then the problems could be solved with more money and sharing power.

Respectfully, I dispute YOUR radical characterizations.

I also dispute the concept of ‘radical’ anything. Radical means ‘getting to the root’. As such, I am a ‘radical conservative’ …as I contend that ‘conserving’ and advocating for freedoms, liberty, and multifarious ‘good things’ is a good thing.

Perhaps ‘dogmatic religionism’ is more what you had in mind …or dogmatism in general.

There may be points of agreement here.

I suggest you look up “War is a Racket” online, written by the only two-time recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor: General Smedley Butler.

There is no such thing as the “Congressional Medal of Honor.” It’s simply the “Medal of Honor.”

Be sure to tell “The Congressional Medal Of Honor Society”

The President, in the name of Congress, has awarded more than 3,400 Medals of Honor.

The medal itself is referred to simply as the “Medal of Honor.” The “Congressional Medal of Honor Society” was chartered in 1958 with a variety of purposes, including to preserve and render respect to all who have received the Medal of Honor. But regardless of how correct one wants to be, those who have received the medal are worthy of our highest recognition and respect. God bless them all.


Relative to the main topic of this thread, I am assuming that when you stated “God bless them all,” you were referring to “Yahweh” the Christian Hebrew God, and not Allah of the Islamic Muslim faith, were you not?

Try choosing the right source:


“I wish the leaders of North America and Western Europe would make the investment of studying the actual history and actions of Islam.”

Your notion would only lead to a slippery slope in the study of the Christian faith as well. Our “Christian Nation” wouldn’t be able to withstand this inspection like you want to do with Islam, because it would call us out on whether we want to be called the “kettle” or the “pot” in any equal discussion.

Shhhhh, mums the word, okay?

Southern Poverty Law Center ‘hate map’ : .

It should “white hate map”

My point.

They list ‘non-whites’ as Nation of Islam chapters, and fringe ultra-orthodox Jewish groups.

You just gotta look.

But YEAH ….MOST of the haters and violent organized killers in the USA today identify as ‘white’.

What a disgrace. I’m as ‘white’ and northern European as can be.

Yet, I would be happy …yes HAPPY, to help remove these rectums from the gene pool like my Dad did against Nazi’s in WWII.

I have already put one WAN jerk into prison for life ..and a bunch of his moron underlings for lesser terms and constant surveillance.

2 Afghan airmen still missing from Ga. base December 11, 2015

When our government can watch who we have here now effectively, only then can we start the process of vetting new entrees.

Let’s not forget that the ringleader and weapons’ supplier of the San Bernardino mass killing were both Americans, born and raised.

This is about religion, not nationality.

And radicalized by Islam doctrine