Rash of car burglaries in Morro Bay

December 6, 2015

Police are investigating reports of more than a dozen cars burglaries on Saturday morning in Morro Bay.

Between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m., the suspects stole items from cars parked on several streets on the south side of the city. Most of the cars that were broken into were unlocked.

Police are reminding residents to lock their cars and not to leave valuables inside their vehicles.

The Morro Bay Police Department is asking anyone with information about the burglaries to call (805) 772-6225.

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One word: ‘homeless’

Poor souls down on their luck..

Lots of meth heads in Moro bay, I guess when u can’t spare some change they bust into your car to take it.

I saw a post on the KSBY article that stated that this is also happening in Los Osos, which is not surprising. Every so often there are isolated incidents where several teenagers go on a stealing sprees, usually hitting targets of opportunity. This might be one of those episodes or not. Several of the things that I have observed of late have given me pause. The first was the graffiti inside the tunnel under South Bay Blvd. which covered the entire length of the tunnel with among other things, f–k the cops, and gang references “2316 LO”, etc. I reported it to the Sheriff and it was painted over relatively quickly. I never thought we had a gang presence here, but it seems we do. Is this related? Perhaps not, but just be aware, this isn’t the same place it was 20 yrs. ago. The second is the number of homeless who are camped out in the open space behind tri-W. There is a shopping cart parking lot at the end of Palisades, and trash strewn all about within the shrubs. I don’t really think they are thieves, but they are one more element that has changed what once was a seemingly safe place to live.

Los Osos is a classic example of United We Stand, Divided WE Fell.

When are people going to learn to lock up their homes, cars ect…

I am not saying you would not have a window smashed out, but you make it so easy for someone to open a door and go in, you are asking for trouble, mostly this time of year.

as my dad used to say: “locks only keep the honest people out”.

That said, I agree

that doors should be locked and am surprised that people leaves their vehicles unlocked. At least make it a little harder for the perps.

how many Russians live in town?

You mean like a Crimean?

You should both be pun-ished