Suspicious fires break out in Oceano

December 7, 2015

CVlgD1LU4AAQaea.jpg-largeAt least three fires broke out in Oceano Sunday, according to the Five Cities Fire Authority. Officials have deemed the fires suspicious, and law enforcement in investigating.

First, crews responded to multiple fires at or near a transient camp. The blazes burned up to a half acre, fire officials stated in a tweet.

Later, firefighters extinguished a blaze near Pier Avenue. That fire had a 20-foot diameter.

KSBY reports there were three fires reported at 4:43 p.m. Those fires occurred in remote areas near Silver Spur Place.

The fire off Pier Avenue broke out around 6 p.m. Fire officials say a pile of trees were burned at the location, and they could have been piled up by the California Conservation Corps.

Five Cities Fire Chief Steve Lieberman says there is indication that all four fires could be related. State parks is conducting an investigation.

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There really should be some homeless donation meters in South SLO Co.

Maybe the homeless are using these fires to clear living spaces for themselves. They start them we put them out now a brush free space to camp.

This is getting serious. Fires, trash everywhere, and bums. Have you looked along the creeks throughout south county? AG Creek, Los Berros, El Camino between Oak Park and 4th? South SLO…the creek down to Ontario rd, the creek along LOVR between Costco and the 101. All these places are looking like landfills this year and they’re loaded with some really messed up people. I saw a guy with a load of bags/belongings just 2 feet out of 50 mph traffic on S. Higuera near Johnson Ranch Open Space, changing his clothes with his stuff strewn all around him. It’s out of control.

We should build a homeless shelter for all these nice people!