Chubby man accused of harassing teen girl in SLO

January 15, 2016

SLOPDAn overweight, 20-year-old man stopped a 15-year-old girl on a San Luis Obispo street Wednesday and asked for directions, made lewd comments and appeared to be masturbating underneath his clothing, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Around 2 p.m., the teenage girl was walking northbound on Los Osos Valley Road near Auto Parkway. The man stopped her and asked for directions to Higuera Street.

At the time, the suspect was sitting in his red, older model sedan. A young child, approximately three years old, was in a car seat in the back of the vehicle, a police department news release states.

The girl briefly spoke to the man before walking away. After the teen left the area, she walked home and reported the incident to her family. The girl’s family called police.

The suspect did not attempt to follow the girl after she left.

Police are still searching for the suspect. He is described as a 20-year-old Hispanic man with shaved black hair and brown eyes. Additionally, he is said to be chubby with a baby face.

Investigators request that anyone with information about the case call the police department at (805) 781-7317.

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You know statistically speaking perversion runs constant across all populations…. stupid does as well. Honestly I prefer my racists not to be politically correct and out in the open. Less cutesy-pie. If you want to make a statement about Hispanics just do it. Prairie dog racists suck in my book. Glad to hear that this girl is well.

Previous post was meant as a reply to achillisheal

You come up with some really ridiculous article titles. I’d call them headlines but that would give you too much credit.

The age threw me, were they talking about Adam?

I’m a little confused. He asked for directions and didn’t follow her. That’s it. Maybe the chubby comment is misplaced.

I’m troubled that a 15 year old female would recognize masterbating under his clothing. Maybe the guy was just scratching an itch.

What is troubling is your naivete and misreading of the article, it says “appeared to be…” and these days 15 years old kids know a hell of a lot more than we did back in the day. I am glad she had the sense to tell her family.

We really should compile this stuff for a great website on how wonderful the quality of life has become in SLO.

Well detectives, check all the cameras downtown and around the madonna and target plaza for the chubby man in his red car.

Another example of the value of diversity.

Hey….I’m chubby but not a child abuser…what’s with the fat shaming.

I better skip the Costco churro with my slice of pizza today…..