Firefighter said he killed his father, sex victim testifies

January 28, 2016
Oscar Higueros

Oscar Higueros

Former Cayucos firefighter Oscar Higueros, Jr. told a Los Osos teen-turned sex slave that he murdered his father and was not afraid to kill again, the human trafficking victim testified. The threat made the teen too scared to leave Higueros’ home. [KSBY]

Higueros, 40, is standing trial for 35 charges, including several counts of forcible rape. He is also a suspect in the unsolved murder of his father.

In April 1990, Oscar Higueors Sr. was found stabbed to death in his Los Osos home. Higueros Jr. was 14 years old at the time. Another person was previously a prime suspect in the case.

In July 2014, Higueros allegedly paid $150 to Richard Scott Brooks to have sex with the then-17-year-old Los Osos girl. Brooks was recently convicted of 19 crimes related to the sexual abuse of the teen, and he was sentenced to more than 60 years in prison.

The teen moved in with Higueros, who initially made her feel safe, she testified on Tuesday. Her feelings changed quickly as she felt forced to live in his home and abide by very specific rules.

On Wednesday, the teen testified that Higueros forced her to be his sex slave. She also said Higueros created a “master-slave” contract and wanted her to sign it. She did not sign it, though.

The teen read the contract aloud in court. The six-page document stated that she was required to perform household chores and accept punishment, even if it was just for Higueros’ pleasure.

Investigators reportedly found the contract on Higueros’ computer.

Prosecutors also showed jurors video of Higueros having sex with the teen. Higueros allegedly recorded sex tapes on his phones and planned to publish them for money.

The teen covered her eyes while the video was played in court. Higueros turned his eyes away from the screen. After the video was shown, the teen said she was humiliated.

Prosecutors also played sex tapes in the recent trial of Brooks. During that trial, jurors watched video of Brooks having sex with the teen.

The alleged victim also testified Wednesday that Higueros put a belt around her neck and controlled her like a dog. He also hit her with the belt, broke her wrist and forced her to have painful sex with him, she said.

Higueros allegedly forced the teen to have sex with him as often as five times a day.

Additionally, the teen testified that Higueros forced her to package and sell marijuana. He also also gave her alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and mushrooms, she said.

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Thank you, CCN for describing her as the VICTIM. I read in another publication where they repeatedly called her the “supposed sex slave “and “alleged sexual assult victim.”

Patrick seems to think you can’t be a victim if you answer a craigslist ad.

Or perhaps a editor in Sacramento.

Was he being paid a $250k/year fireman’s compensation as well?

Maybe the fire department should review their background and personality testing criteria utilized in making hiring decisions. Alleged Murderer, and soon to be proven pedophile, violent sexual predator, and general all around psychopath somehow qualifies for a position in public safety.


If this guy is guilty I want him in prison BUT let’s be fair. The guy wasn’t convicted of a prior crime, so how in the hell would the fire dept of flagged him? You are boardering on conjecture because this is only coming to light now because of the woman.

People in high stress jobs take a battery of sress and personality tests and paychological exams attempting to reveal their flaws as individuals. Normal people don’t do this kind of thing. He had major problems prior to being a fireman. Guarantee none of his coworkers ever trusted him. Thies serious flaws vanbe found out before yhe crimes are discovered.

Did you consider he might be a psychopath? He would blend in pretty easily and most likely pass the tests.

May I also suggest the story of John Orr and book Fire Lover. True story of man who worked up to Captain and was a serial arsonist. Classic psychopath. Not ONE of the people saw it coming.

You and I have the comfort to analyze these things after the fact but truly you nor I know if the fire depart saw this in the man or not (in Cayucus), so to blame them with little to NO facts is again an unfair assessment.

My guess because it involves more than one victim that even of the other victims did not go to law enforcement, they had to be talk around Cayucos and Los Osos. This guy was selling marijuana, cocaine, etc. had other girlfriends he abused according to Court testimony so other people who to know he had some type of strange behavior patterns. Just saying!

Agreed possible but again I don’t know the timeline. Did he get the job and then started selling after he got the job? Also maybe those in charge of hiring don’t do drugs so maybe they wouldn’t know anyone who could tell them?

I just don’t see why the blame those who hired him. Why do we look for all the others to blame in these situations? How about blaming the asshole who is doing all of it?