Former firefighter allegedly broke rape victim’s wrist

January 27, 2016
Oscar Higueros

Oscar Higueros

A former Cayucos firefighter had “hate rape” with a 17-year-old Los Osos girl and broke her wrist, the alleged victim testified Tuesday. [KSBY]

Oscar Higueros Jr., 40, is standing trial for 33 charges, including several counts of forcible rape, against the Los Osos teen. Higueros is also a suspect in the murder of his father, a former cold case that dates back to 1990. Higueros’ alleged victim in the sex case reportedly told investigators that he said he murdered his father more than three decades ago.

In July 2014, Higuerous allegedly paid $150 to Richard Scott Brooks to have sex with the Los Osos teen. Brooks was recently convicted of 19 crimes related to sexual abuse of the teen and was sentenced to more than 60 years in prison.

The teen moved in with Higueros, who was allegedly seeking a sex slave. Higueros reportedly attempted to force her to sign a “master-slave” contract.

At first, she was attracted to him because he made her feel safe, she said.

As a child, the teen was molested by her grandfather, she testified. When she came forward about the molestation, her grandfather committed suicide.

Higueros made her feel protected because he said he, too, had been molested as a child. He was like the father figure she never had, the teen testified.

Her feelings quickly changed as she felt forced to live in his home and abide by very specific rules Higueros set, she said. Her duties included making his morning coffee and doing household chores.

She also had to call him “daddy” and respond to “kitty.” There was a consequence for everything she did in an incorrect way, she testified.

The teen lived that lifestyle for a period of three weeks. During that period, she had daily consensual sex with Higueros.

But, when she had a male friend visit her at the home, Higuerous became angry. He then had “hate rape” with her, breaking her wrist, she testified.

The teen is scheduled to continue her testimony Wednesday afternoon.

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Maybe they could house him at the SLO Fire Department and let him spa with Mr Ramos, when they make up it could be interesting. A fundraising calendar perhaps?

Don’t forget Mason, should be a fun spa party!

Another sterling example of local public servants?

Is there medical proof that support the teens claims? A broken wrist would require medical attention.

This is the second firefighter in this county to exhibit violent, outrageous behavior.Are some firefighters suffering from too much stress or possibly PTSD that might lend itself to this kind of behavior. I wonder.

Master slave contract? Sounds like Mr. Higueros has watched Fifty Shades of Grey one time to many.

Check out CL, there are plenty of women who want to be sex slaves. Plenty of pervs to go around – male and female. Wasn’t is the female in this case that initiated all of this? Not to excuse him, he’s a pervert. Except for a few months and a broken wrist, this activity would be status quo for the weirdos.

Well first off if she initiated wouldn’t matter because she is under age. But let’s say she was of age, if at ANY point she said…………hey I’m no longer down and he breaks her wrist or hits her or forces sex, we have assault and rape so it really doesn’t matter.

As far as C.L. I go to buy goods (not sex) so I had no idea.

She is a minor. She was sold to him in the first encountered – trafficking, she was locked in a closet – kidnapping, she was physically assualted – rape, etc. etc. What rock do you live under because you belief system is not healthy. Wait till they get to the video tapes!

Tell that to Mr. Brooks, address State Prison next 60 years!

“During that period, she had daily consensual sex with Higueros.” An underage teen cannot legally consent to sex with adult. That’s why he is facing 33 charges of rape.

We certainly live in difficult times. Most of us have had life changing events in our life’s whether it is an accident accident where someone is killed, an alcoholic parent, an abusive parent, severe poverty, etc. There are a number of these situation that alter our behavior and outlook.

If each of us just sit back, let the rage, hate, depression consume us then we start consuming each other. As people process in life, they seek help, learn about the behavior consequences, try to reach out and live a sucessful life trying not to repeat the same situation they have indured. Certainly some are more sucessful than others.

Hopefully, this young lady will receive some professional help and try to turn her life around and no repeat her mistakes.

As for Oscar Higueros, you are 40 years old! At this point in your life, with the history presented thus far,you have a professional standing in the community, you had family support, you presented a secret monsterous behavior for several years and had chosen not to get help but adance your behavior. Unfortunately, you must now pay for this dissociative behavior. It is unfortunate that when your father was killed, you did not receive professional help but this does not excuse your abuse of others.

Meanwhile children all over the county are being neglected and abused in many different ways. Relatives, neighbors and teachers turn a blind eye to the tell-tale signs. Then those kids become the news makers when they grow up.

So, are we to take it that Oscar killed his daddy for molesting him? Seems like he has been on the same trajectory as the Black Widow in this case.

Should we feel more pity for her than him? Weren’t they both acting out from the same cause? Clearly he is damaged goods and needs to be punished for the hate rape. What about her? Is she going to continue to act out and be the center of drama with others like her? Birds of a feather….

go ahead…..hate me…

And so they did…

Society wants to keep believing a fiction: that magically, on your 18th birthday, your brain completely changes in a way that now enables you to make rational decisions regarding your life which were the day before impossible. This belief is a type of cultural psychosis.

This trial involves multiple perverts, to use a term that has fallen out of favor. “A person whose sexual behavior is abnormal and unacceptable” clearly applies to the three people involved, regardless of their age.

To think that this women’s behavior/decisions will be somehow different once she turns 18 is absurd. Perhaps if she “gets help”, but that only happens when people WANT to change, and first they must see they actions as undesirable.

You want to place blame, consider her parents. If they had done their job, this wouldn’t be a story (at least not involving her).

Oh yes, I think mom should be put on trial for neglect. I also think Oscar’s dad most likely got what he deserved. Today’s 17-18 year olds are not like they were 20 years ago and I think we all know where a typical man’s reasoning comes from in a sexual situation. He’s pure scum, and according to previous articles, She really did ask for it.

I’m not making a case for Oscar, who is a disgusting scum pervert who needs to be locked up. I’m just acknowledging that he was MADE in the same way the girl was MADE to be the type of woman that goes on CL to become a sex slave (if I am correct in my memory of a previous article). Apparently whatever happened to him, screwed him up for life. Hopefully the molestation and then suicide of grand daddy didn’t screw this woman up for life.


No woman, 15, 17, 20, 39 deserves the behavior this animal has shown rge women he has encountered. Go to the trial, you will find out how many women suffered from his behavior. This trial is going to go on until the middle of March, there is a lot more coming.

Shame on you!

I’m not ‘blaming’ the victim. You quit being narrow minded. I think we can both agree that he is what you think he is. I’m acknowledging the fact that she put herself into this situation because she got the same thing he got as children. Molestation both put them where they are. Now, where she goes is up to her.

I agree that no woman should be in that situation, and I never understand when I look on CL I see women advertising to be in that situation.

Like seeks like. There’s a co-dependent for every addict and there’s a masochist for every sadist. People are sick.

Is my post so bad because I won’t cast her as an innocent victim? The only reason she is a victim is because she was a few short months of 18.

Personally, I’d like to round up all the perverts and ship them off.