Hill zeroes in on broadcaster Dick Mason

January 8, 2016
Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill apparently has selected his next target for his unique brand of vitriol: veteran radio newsman Dick Mason. Mason is set to take over the morning news assignment at KVEC/920 on Jan. 18.

Mason, let go from station KKJL a day before New Years’ Eve, discussed his past, present, and future Wednesday on Dave Congalton’s Home Town radio show. Mason also revealed a series of disturbing incidents originating with Hill.

Mason said his  job as a journalist is to “objectively report the news.” Last month, Mason had reported on Hill’s walking out of the supervisors’ chambers while members of CAPSLO were being honored on the 50th anniversary of the organization’s formation.

“It started after a recent supervisors meeting,” Mason told Congalton. “He said, ‘Stop bashing me.’”

“I said ‘I’m not bashing you,  I’m reporting the news.’ Now every time I see him, he continues. He had his secretary call and say, ‘We’ve had complaints that you’re bashing Adam.’ I’ve never experienced this,” Mason said.

Mason noted that the “coup de gras” came last week. He related how his 25-year-old daughter — now working in San Fransisco — agreed to a recent Facebook “friend” request.

Congalton asked Mason whose name was on the Facebook profile attempting to contact Mason’s daughter.

“Torres,” Mason said.

“As in ‘Dee’ Torres, Adam Hill’s wife,” Congalton said.

An hour after Mason’s daughter accepted Torres’ friend request, she got what Mason described as “a bizarre email.”

Dick Mason

Dick Mason

“Why does your dad hate the Adam Hill family?”Torres wrote. In the email, Torres included a link to the FireAdamHill.com website.”

Mason told Congalton that he then received an email from Hill that read simply, “Voice-over.”

Mason wrote back asking Hill what he meant by the email.

“That’s you on the hit piece against me,” Hill responded.

Eventually, Mason said he saw a YouTube video of a 60-second commercial spot critical of Hill featured on FireAdamHill.com.

“Adam is convinced it’s me voicing it, but it’s not my voice. It’s not me. A competent voice-analysis would prove it’s not me,” Mason said.

Congalton then referred to the FireAdamHill.com video as a “professionally-produced commercial.”

Shortly before Mason was notified of his imminent departure, Hill contacted management at KKJL to complain about Mason’s news reporting, Mason said.

Congalton then asked Mason if Hill’s call had anything to do with his departure from KKJL.

“I don’t think so,” Mason said. “And I’m appalled that Adam is so upset.”

Congalton responded by dubbing Hill a bully.

“I wanted to have Dick on the show to prove that I am not making this stuff up,” Congalton said. “We have a supervisor who is a bully. And if he doesn’t get his way, he comes after you with everything he has, even going after your family.”

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Hill sounds more like Randy Quaid everyday.

Now some might say that is an insult to Randy, but if you were referring to Eddie I think everyone, aside from the standard group, would agree to that comparison.

the most hated man in SLO county?

It goes further than that.

Look at who he associates with.

Given Hill’s outrageous public behavior, I call on the SLO Sheriff’s Department to please confiscate all firearms owned by Adam Hill given the passage of California Assembly Bill 1014.

This is the right thing to do for the safety of those who come in contact with Hill. No sane individual would act as Hill has acted over the last several months. It’s best to confiscate his guns now.

Dan Carpenter is going to beat Hill like a conga drum come the next election…

What an impotent bully. Why is this turd still in office?

Because he cares about the environment while letting his donor Gary Grossman put up his ugly Orange County style developments all over the county.

The only thing Hill cares about in the enviroment is the color green: $$$$$….

It shows how stupid the liberals are. Because Hill talks a good environmentalist line the low informed voters of SLO keep re-electing this loser. My hopes are that enough voters start paying attention and realize Hill is a bought and paid for representative of Grossman, Belcher and anyone else looking to get their development approved in our county.

“the low informed voters of SLO keep re-electing this loser.”

They’re probably a young age 85 and suffering from dementia.. All the smart people left SLO for better jobs.

That’s funny …because it’s true !

I’m sure this will upset some, but Hill al$o get$ vote$ from tho$e he doe$ favor$ for, remember the 2.4 million dollar taxpayer funded Chri$tma$ bonu$ he helped give to county employee$ in 2014. Way to spend taxpayer money to pay for votes Adam Hill, why wouldn’t those employees support him as long as he gives them more money as long as someone else is paying for it.

You folks have a sticky goofy situation here. It surrounds mostly blobby adhesions between Hill and Torres. A match made in some uncomprehensible corner of the universe.

Years ago I came to Paso and landed a job as News Director and host of Sound-Off on KPRL for some 10 years.

Dick Mason guested in some capacity a couple of times. (this was some time after he declined to hire me as a lowly overnight board-op at US-98). This was before Congalton started up and just after Dirkx hung his hat up on the antenna. Joe Benson served as an amusing morning show host before making the mistake of trying news.

There were charactars around then too, but nothing I recall like Adam Hill.

Subsequently I had dealings with CAPSLO which were very helpful to me and one contact with Torres which was exteremely insulting. Hill even threatened me while I was in another country. Mason just seems to keep moving around.

I have to admit I’m confused………except about Hill. He has to go ASAP.

Myself: the diagnosis is in. Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Like its overlapping cousins, Socio-path and Psycho-path, a Narcissist has no conscience, knows no boundaries and has a sense of immoral entitlement.

Remarkably, they can also play great victims. Aka-Adam Hill.

It all makes sense now. Trump was told to shut up by the “others” because he is “provoking” ISIS into bad things that will harm others. Recon same goes for Hill, so stop provoking him and “bashing him” OK. That way politics and the A’holes of Sloberry RFD can keep right on screwing the public as they have been for decades.

There are other instances of Adam Hill calling employers and organizations of people who have used their free speech rights to voice their disapproval of him.

One has to wonder why Hill ever got involved in local politics? Did he think everyone was always going to agree with him.

My guess is that Hill thought he could parlay a County Supe seat into Congress or something. He was just a lecturer at Cal Poly. But when Lois Capps retired, the local Democrat Party would not let Adam touch the Congressional race with a 10 foot pole and they went with Santa Barbara Supe Salud Carbajal, who was not appeared as a raving lunatic in public like Adam Hill. Katcho would have mopped the floor in an election against Adam Hill. So the 3rd District is stuck with Adam Hill running for a third term.

Hill would be a fun one for the shrinks,they’d have something to talk about for quite a while after working with him for a year or two.

Whats the matter with this guy is he so full of him self that he actually thinks that when he jumps some body that it won’t make it to this news site and get spread around,isn’t he just a little bit worried that he might fail this next election because of his outbursts, he’s just a laughing stock of the area I don’t get it.

He doesn’t care because his supporters aren’t concerned about his ethics or stability. They like one or two things that he will support and they vote for that. For some people, it is all about their narrow agenda. To hell with everything else.

Unfortunately, this is how many people decide who will get their vote.

OK Adam, true confession time….who the hell is bankrolling you.

PGE, Developers especially Grossman and the Democratic Party!

Don’t forget BP Companies or whatever they are calling themselves now.