John Wallace should not get preferential treatment

January 31, 2016


Open letter to the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District:

I am writing to request that John Wallace does not get any preferential treatment before the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District board at the next, or any other, meeting.

Wallace has had hours and and hours and hours in front of your board and the City of Arroyo Grande (which rate payers have paid for) to “give his side” of this horrible story.

Meanwhile people like Brad Snook, Jeff Pienack, Debbie Peterson, et al have been afforded a mere six minutes a month to speak to this egregious activity.

No more. John Wallace deserves nothing more than all the concerned residents were afforded while this highway robbery was continuously approved by former sanitation district board members Grover Beach Mayor Shoals, his alternate Grover Beach Councilman Bill Nicolls, Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara and his alternate Arroyo Grande Councilman Jim Guthrie.

April McLaughlin is a resident of Arroyo Grande and a community watchdog who regularly attends public meetings.

don the beachcomber

For more on corruption in SLO County, go to:


Don the beach comber we know you are working with Debbie Petterson but please stay on track with what we are talking about. We know Adam is corrupt, it is a long time until Nov, we don’t need you to keep posting things about Adam Hill.


Actually I kinda liked the video


Wallace has many friends in this community who swear by the fact that he’s a “good man” who would rather come out on the losing end rather than be unfair.

Well, this just goes to show you that being a “good man” who “helps the community” is not that big of a problem when you’ve already got a nice secure criminal racket going and officials are covering for it. It certainly makes it a lot easier to appear to be a caring professional. Half the successful people you come across are pulling something similar.


Yeah, well that’s what a lot of people thought about Ferrara, Adams, Gearhart, Lenny Jones and a host of others.

Just goes to show, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but sooner or later the gig is up, and the truth comes out.


So sick of the “good guy” defense.


Hasn’t Mr. Wallace inflicted enough damage on the ratepayers of SSLOCSD?

Shoals and Guerrero have dragged their feet at every turn. They reluctantly agreed to the investigation after months, and months, and months of listening to ratepayers and watchdogs demands. Shoals insisted he “wasn’t interested in a witch hunt”. After the grand jury report of 2011, how can he possibly consider investigating Wallace’s years and years and years of thievery a witch hunt?

The Sanitation District was better served with Jim Hill as chairman. It’s a good thing he was leading the board when they agreed to investigate. IMO it would NEVER have happened with Shoals or Guerrero as chair.


Not just inflict”ed”, still inflicting, at the last Arroyo Grande city council meeting, the bills being paid still include big $$$$$$’s to the Wallace Group. I find it hard to believe we are still paying him and that we can not find another company to do the work, what’s up?


Justbeware, you are so correct if Mr. Hill was not up there they WOULD NOT have done an investigation.

Shoals and Guerrero are part of the problem,yet they act like they are the solution.

Don’t be fooled by those 2 fools, their day is coming they just don’t see it yet.


Mr. Wallace is no longer a hired consultant but is a citizen of the County. He should only be entitled to what any other citizen is afforded and nothing more or less. He will have a chance will the time comes and we the citizens have been robbed enough of our time and money by the corrupt scum bag.

NO SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR JOHN WALLACE… 3 minutes for Wallace Consultants, same as every other citizen!


The agenda is up for Wednesday night. Mr. Wallace has a slot on the agenda, just before Public Comment at the top of the agenda.

I hope there is substantial representation of the public there; Arroyo Grande City Council Chambers, 215 E. Branch, Arroyo Grande, at 6:00pm.


And…it is imperative that he be asked to stay to listen to public comment!


You can’t force him to stay, that is called kidnapping.


Why not have his statement be after public comment.

If I am not mistaken Chairman Shoals said he could speak at public comment and would NOT be placing him on the agenda.

Ask Chairman Shoals to keep his word…


Corporate crime regardless of who and how many it affects always seems to get special treatment…as sad as it seems. It’s time to put a stop to it.


Give him more time only to tar and feather him- I’m with April.


I think every time Mr. Wallace starts to talk the audience should have a coughing fit.

Unless Mr.Wallace is coming to open his check book and give back the money he stole from the district AND apologize, I don’t think we need to hear more of his b.s. coming out of his mouth.


will DA Dan Dow flush this turd down the toity, or do turds of an ilk walk with the same stilt.


This will Mr. Dow’s statement for the future, he will either do the right thing or he will side with the special ones. Which way he chooses will tell us all we need to know about Mr. Dow.


You are so right KN.

For DA Dan Dow the ‘Wallacegate’ allegations to be prosecuted or not dilemma might be his defining moment with respect to being the district attorney we all hoped he would be.

The fork in the road, the litmus test, the smell test, man or mouse moment, good ole boy club member or not…

I pity Mr. Dow to have to face this possibly career making or breaking decision.

For Mr. Wallace is one of the most, if not the most, well connected and wealthy individuals in SLO county.

And history pretty much dictates what doesn’t happen to the connected and wealthy.