Man killed by train near SLO

January 10, 2016

Caution_TapeA man in his 20s was hit and killed by an Amtrak train Saturday night on the railroad tracks south of Tank Farm Road.

About 8:15 p.m., a northbound train hit the man about a mile south of San Luis Obispo. The identity of the victim is not currently being disclosed.

Detectives are working to determine why the man was on the tracks.


Think what will happen when the bullet train is flying along at 5 times the speed of a regular Amtrak train!


Don’t worry because the bullet train will never happen.

Kevin Rice

Amtrak (passenger rail) really will sneak up on you. It’s more quiet than you think.


The trains are also faster than most freight trains.


You can chalk up one more death. I am currently on an Amtrak train from slo to San Diego and we had a “trespasser strike” just north of Goleta. Only held us there three hours and then 45 minutes in LA. Still trying to get to our destination. Will be over 12 hours by the time we get there. Just ordinary business to Amtrak it appears, it’s their job to keep people off the tracks, time to step up and take care of their responsibility.


What… Amtrak has to take responsiblity for this! “Just ordinary business to Amtrak it appears, it’s their job to keep people off the tracks, time to step up and take care of their responsibility.” Any adult that can’t figure out that it is dangersous to be on railroad tracks and that they need to stay off any railroad tracks in this day and age is their responsible for their actions.

Each one of us has a responsiblity to obey laws, not because they are there to punish you but to protect us… Seat belts when in a moving vehicle, helmets for bike/motorcycle riders, don’t drink and drive, use crosswalks, observe speed limits, don’t walk on railroad tracks, don’t cross a rail crosing without looking both ways, don’t pass a school with flashing lights, etc. Please, pay attention to your surroundings and do the right thing, not the cool thing!

May this young man rest in peace and condolences to his family.


Is it Greyhound’s job to keep people off the highway?


Lets outlaw trains the people fighting the refinery would be happy and we could make a really long bike trail.


Second death in about two weeks in almost the same area. Was it an accident or suicide? We may never know. The last time that I rode AMTRAK from Orange County the train hit and killed two people and then ran over a deer. It took 12 hours….That was the last time that I will ever ride AMTRAK.


Actually, the first death was last Monday and the second was on Saturday. Two deaths in 6 days plus a stabbing at the Grover Beach Station where the homeless camp is located. Very sad! Heard there was also a death in Santa Barbara last week.


Probably a homeless man walking from the Prado to the Homeless shelter. Wonder if the county mental health will count these two among the costs of the Homeless.