Supervisors give initial support to Blacklake development

January 13, 2016

slo county signDeveloper Rob Rossi has gained initial approval from a divided San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors on plans to build houses, a hotel and vacation cottages at Blacklake Golf Resort in Nipomo.

The board of supervisors voted 3-2 Tuesday to begin making changes to county land use policy pertaining to the Blacklake area of the Nipomo Mesa. Following the vote, the environmental review process for the project can now begin.

Supervisors Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill cast the dissenting votes. Gibson and Hill said they probably would not approve development on any areas deemed open space.

The other three supervisors, Debbie Arnold, Lynn Compton and Frank Mecham, said they would prefer to decide on the open space issue after the project has gone through the county planning process.

Last year, Blacklake residents protested Rossi’s plans, saying they would devalue existing homes and violate an open space agreement that prohibited development on the golf course. Rossi has since scaled down plans that called for reconfiguring the golf course around 150 new housing units and a hotel.

The new plans include a 20-cottage boutique hotel, 30 single and two-bedroom vacation cottages and 36 homes, which would be built on an undecided location. The proposed development also would have an 84-unit lodge with a restaurant, cafe, pro shop, event areas and conference and retail space.

Rossi’s project can go before the county planning commission after the environmental review process is complete.

Kaiser Bill

Where is the water?

The other South County cities are already pissed at Nipomo for overdrawing from the groundwater basin.


Ain’t nobody got time to worry about water!


It will be a miracle if Rossi can convince the dozen or so Homeowners Associations that

are within the Black Lake area to allow this to go through. Methinks not from what I’ve

heard from some of the HOA members.


Would think it would be easy, “Hey current HOA members, if you let us bring in more development your HOA fees will go down” or “We will make new HOA members pay more in fees”.


Rossi + Board of Supers = Backroom $ flow


There is no need to kill the development process at this early stage. Let Rossi develop a plan while consulting with the Planning Commission. The everyone can see exactly what the plan is. Then the community, both pro and con, can present their opinions and ideas and concerns. That is the normal legal process that is followed with all developments; the ones that are controversial and non-controversial.

It sounds like a bad idea in many ways but let Rossi do some work and see if he can put together a plan that has majority support.


You mean let Rossi spend a lot of time and money on a crap shoot, and then see what happens? Seems like the proper time to say no to something you don’t want is at the beginning, not at the end, of an unnecessary lengthy development review process.


but if you let the process go continue it does at two things, it allows overpaid, under worked planning staffs feel like they are doing something, or it allows more time for the developer more time too make sure they donate to the right election campaigns or LLC’s to “encourage” YES votes


I agree.

Also, it is godlike of Gibson and Hill to try to kill the project before it has been developed. We don’t need gods on the BOS, we need people who will listen to an issue (any issue) and then make a reasoned determination.

3 putt

Lynn Compton gives a thumbs up to this project and to Laetitia. Why is it no one ever talks about her relationship with developers? Is it a secret?


Pardon, but where in the flying frack are they going to get enough water to support these installations?

Can’t wait until the NCSD launches its next smoke-and-mirrors available-water-sources plans.


It doesn’t matter, it’s Developer Rob Rossi! He only needs to go to Adam Hill, donate $50,000 to Dee Torres, give a campaign donation, one vote locked down!


Did you not notice Hill voted NO? Don’t get your point. He doesn’t need to bribe Hill, he’s got his votes from elsewhere.


This would not be the first time Hill voted against a project at the onsite, especially during the election process. If he knew there was already 3 votes, why stick his nose out there. Of course, he does have a few projects he is supporting in Arroyo and Pismo area so maybe he waits to save that water for his favorites.


O twiddle dee!


I think they plan to save water by reducing the size of the golf course and perhaps more efficient irrigation.


Time out Mary…back up the water trucks. The county planning process, as well as NEPA, and CEQA serve a very important purpose.

Let the process work. It will provide a complete review of the proposed project INCLUDING water availability and all other environmental and economic concerns. It`s a process that works effectively and ultimately YOU will be allowed to review and comment on the project once the environmental impact statement is published.

Lets not attempt to stifle a project BEFORE it has a chance to go through the process.

Both Gibson and Hill were wrong on voting NO with out the process being allowed to work.


They don’t get the water.

1. An expert testified that the development does not “save” water but rather uses 55 Acre Feet per year more.

2. The NMMA spring readings will push the area into Level 4 severity which cancels his “Intent-to-serve” letters.

3. The “3-cities” lawsuit will stop all development on the Nipomo Mesa. (About time)

(Just my intuition)


It sounds like you think the people who will be living in or using this new development will be part of the routine working class, and have to drive in commute traffic, wrong. Given what likely be the cost of these new houses, the people owning them will not be regular working folks, none of them could afford these houses, unless of course they work in the government for a city in San Luis Obispo county or have already retired from the public sector.


Sorry this should have been a reply to Rich in MB

the situation

Rob, my man you are going about it all wrong. If you want Adam Hill’s vote, here are the steps you need to take:

1. Start an LLC

2. Use LLC to pay Hill “consulting fees” for all the “work” he will do for you

3. Make sure that Hill understands that he is to deny any involvement in said LLC

4. Make sure you are a person who enjoys battering women and who can intimidate dissidents on command and has a penchant for defrauding investors

5. Congratulations! You now have his vote! Enjoy your new development!!!

Rich in MB

Good news for the area’s housing Shortage… just stay off the 101 freeway as all these folks will be driving into/out of SLO during peak travel hours.