2 stabbed, 8 arrested in Santa Maria

February 7, 2016

knifeIn two separate altercations Saturday in Santa Maria, eight people were arrested and two ended up in the hospital.

Shortly before 2 a.m., officers were dispatched to an altercation on the 600 block of East Tunnell Street. Police arrived to find two men suffering from non-life-threatening stab wounds.

Emergency medical personnel transported one victim to Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria and the other to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, police said.

Both were listed in stable condition Saturday.

Shortly before 11 p.m., Santa Maria police responded to reports of a gang fight on the 500 block of East Boone Street. When officers arrived, multiple people fled with some trespassing into a neighboring residence.

Officers arrested three adults, all known gang members, and five juveniles. Three of the juveniles were listed as missing from Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.


There goes the neighborhood!


“Officers arrested three adults, all known gang members”

If we know who they are why are they still walking the streets? Pick them up and prosecute them for gang activity and make their parents pay for their incarceration. Problem solved. It’s time for the good people of our state to stop being so nice. It’s time to kick butt and take names. If your local elected one’s do not have the spine to get the job done then kick them out of office.


All you up there on your high horse: you’re talking about maybe a few hundred people in a city of over 100,000. Do the math. I’m not saying don’t try to get it under control, but it doesn’t mean SM is all bad. There are plenty of great people doing great things there. So, give it a rest. Not to mention it has done of the best weather in all of the US.


Get real….the stats speak for themselves….it’s a much greater problem than “just a few hundred.”


It’s time for law enforcement to start naming the gangs. The public cannot follow what is happening in their towns without this knowledge. For example, MS 13 and 18th Street gangs are growing as the unaccompanied “children and teen gang members” from Central America are flooding in again at the Mexican border. Does the gang violence have anything to do with these gangs or is the gang problem purely a local one? Santa Maria has both gangs and more.

I understand the reason the police do not want to “credit” a gang with a violent episode, but when the public is left uninformed, it’s time to reevaluate that policy.


Google “evans park Santa maria” Or look up “ese gremlin loco” on facebook!


QUOTING CITIZEN: “It’s time for law enforcement to start naming the gangs.”


I don’t think that is such a good idea. Some people join gangs for notoriety, public and private. Let’s not give them a platform to further their street cred.


Wait a minute, back up the lowrider. Not only should they be named, they should be individually identified as well as their affiliation. Each and every neighborhood has the right to know which gang members are living in their hood. Shaming the parents wouldn’t hurt either.


Unfortunately a typical day in Santa Maria…


The two with stab wounds most likely stabbed each other, which is why they were taken to different hospitals for security reasons. I saw that happen a lot. They were playing “cholos and gangsters” with their gang member training knives in what was probably a machismo contest. Used to see that a lot too. So glad to not work in Santa Maria.


No sane person would even enter into Santa Maria. The pit hole of Central Coast!


Don’t blame an entire city for the actions of a few violent gangs.


Mary, gangs don’t just happen. The city has become a breeding ground due to a variety of different reasons including poverty, lack of family values, unemployment, lack of education, alcohol and drug abuse and mental illness.

It’s only going to get worse.


Are any of them deportable? Are any of them living in government housing?


Most of them live in Evans Park.. which is in the projects..


I think it will be news when someone doesn’t die in Santa Maria or

The police get together with the sheriffs office and a actually do something


“Three of the juveniles were listed as missing from Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.”

Girls most likely.