Arroyo Grande commission approves Tompkins’ hotel plan

February 19, 2016

9915868_GFollowing a redesign of the project, the Arroyo Grande Planning Commission unanimously approved developer Nick Tompkins’ plans to build the first hotel in the Village of Arroyo Grande. The project is called the Village Inn Hotel. [KSBY]

Tompkins is planning to build a two-story, 54-room hotel in a 27,800 square foot building at 325 E. Branch Avenue. The property is located next to Mason Bar and Grill.

In December, planning commissioners criticized the design of the proposed hotel, saying it did not fit the character of the Village. Tompkins then changed the design from a Monterey Coastal look to a village cottage style.

The planning commission approved the project on Thursday..

A few residents and business owners who spoke at the meeting expressed concerns about traffic and parking issues. Hotel plans include a 69-space parking lot.

It is unclear if there are any plans to appeal the project to the city council.

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Same old whiners and complainers posting here that whine and complain about everything everywhere on the central coast. They’ve never met a council or a project they couldn’t complain about. What do you want to bet that none of them have ever owned a business let alone built a project.

Fact is the Village is barely scraping by. Almost all the shops in the village are on the verge of going under. Several have been up for sale in the last few years. A few have have changed hands just recently. The numbers they were disclosing didn’t even pay the rent and one minimum wage employee. A 54 unit hotel would bring some badly needed life to this sleepy section of the central coast.

The question I have is how does Tompkins think he’s going to make money on this project? This is going to cost a lot and there’s not a lot of pull for people to come all the way to the Central Coast and then stay 5 miles away from the beach. If he can put millions into this hotel and then turn a profit—-more power to him.

Yeah if those same old whiners and complainers, otherwise known as voters, would just let those of us in power do what we want things would go so much easier.

AG compromised it`s “Village“ status long ago. McLintocks changed that decades ago.

Above is response to FreeAGCouncil, what do you want AG to look like?

Auto dealerships a stone’s throw from existing auto dealerships?

Lowe’s, a spittin’ distance from Home Depot on Betteravia?

A big new Costco, what fills the old one?

Costco gas, across from the big, brand new BP station?

Creative, or cannibalistic?

Agreed. ‘Strengthen our fiscal base’ – love that one.

And planting tall palm trees that give no shade, do nothing for heat. Keep up the great work! Morons.

Yeah, and did you see who owns that project as well? Look like NKT has lined the pockets of yet another city.

This was suppose to be a 51 room hotel according to the sign that was posted out front and now it is 54?

And I thought the size of building in the village was limited to 20k sq ft and this is almost 28k sq ft.

Why does Nick Tompkins ALWAYS get special favors from the planning dept and Teresa McClish?

When are we going to hold all projects to the same standard, AFTER Nick has done all the building he is going to do in AG?

You really have to ask……….

Until McClish is gone the chosen ones will continue to receive special treatment.

I’m not saying that McClish is not the reason, but you have to remember there are 5 planning commissioners who all voted for this “too large for the site” project.

Not sure how it works but wouldn’t the project not even come in front of the planning department if not given the blessing of McClish?

This can’t be the same Nick Tompkins that stood before the city council last year and and swore that his Courtland and Grand project was going to be his last project in Arroyo Grande would it, he wouldn’t lie to the council and the residents of AG would he?

Unbelievable character.

The situation the City of Arroyo Grande is in now is that they are allowing NKT to decide what Arroyo Grande will look like instead of communicating to the citizenry what they want it to look like.

Thank you PC for sending this back for a better looking hotel.

What do you want Arroyo Grande to look like?

If you could do one thing to improve Arroyo Grande, what would it be?

If you had NKT’s money and property; what would you build?

What would I build, a jail to house Wallace, Adams, Ferrara, McClish, Seitz, Carmel, Guthrie, Barneich, and room for a few more.


Well said.